Actress fearless over fiery fiasco at mall jewellery launch

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 14 November, 2007, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 14 November, 2007, 12:00am

Actress Tang Wei (right) was the main attraction on Monday as Cartier hosted a red carpet opening at the Elements mall in Kowloon. But the jeweller's overzealous attempt at grandeur and glamour nearly led to the event going up in smoke - literally. What was supposed to be an impressive indoor fireworks backdrop resembling a cascading waterfall instead left everyone choking on a long trail of sparkler smoke. Worse, the smoke prevented press photographers from taking clear pictures and drove away members of the public.

Instead of adding buzz and interest to the ceremony, people were dashing off with hands over their mouths and noses. Amazingly, the mall's smoke alarms failed to go off, which is a worry. But the snafu didn't faze the Lust, Caution actress, who dressed to impress with HK$5 million's worth of jewellery. 'I always like watching fireworks,' Tang said diplomatically. 'I didn't feel uncomfortable at all and I am very happy to share this moment with all of you.'

Clearly she doesn't mind bling, but Tang confessed her current collection is more kitsch than class. 'Jewellery boosts a woman's confidence and also enhances her beauty. In particular, I like collecting rings because I think there is always a story behind each one.

'But I don't have any diamonds. Actually, I collect plastic toy animals. There's a shop on 5th Avenue in New York I always go to. Whenever I'm there, I will buy two or three pieces. Now I have a whole zoo at home.'