Mr X used office time for trips, says lover

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 15 November, 2007, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 15 November, 2007, 12:00am

A senior government official took his mistress on three leisure trips in two months during office hours, the District Court heard yesterday.

The official - who remains anonymous and is referred to as Mr X in court - also showed her his work schedule on a business trip to meet state departments in Beijing when asking her to tag along.

The allegations were made when Mong Kok karaoke hostess Hui Wing - who is accused of trying to blackmail the official out of HK$500,000 with a sex video after their affair ended - took the stand.

The Hubei native, who has denied two blackmail counts, spoke placidly with the aid of a Putonghua interpreter. She said their first trip was to Guangzhou, for three days last December.

This was followed by two overnight trips - to Guangzhou and Macau - in February.

'He told his colleagues in the office that he had to attend meetings, but he told me he had taken leave,' Hui testified.

On the Macau trip, Hui said she heard Mr X calling his wife at night, saying a meeting had run late and he would not return home until later.

She said Mr X offered to fly her to Beijing in January and put her in a separate room on his expenses, but she refused.

'He showed me his daily schedule with five to seven names on it,' she said. 'How could I go? He had to meet six to seven departments.'

Hui, who met Mr X at a karaoke night club in Dundas Street, found out Mr X was a senior government official when he gave her his business card after their first trip.

'He asked whether his identity scared me,' she said.

On her first visit to Mr X's office on a Saturday morning when it was empty, Hui said they had intercourse and oral sex. Mr X was supposed to have been teaching her English.

'He said sorry afterwards, telling me he felt young being with me. He couldn't help himself.'

They shared stories about his family and work that day, the court heard.

'He said he would introduce me to his friends at the government ... so I would be able to attend government [social] functions. He said then I could meet more people and expand my horizons.'

Mr X called an end to the affair on February 22 when his wife found out by checking his phone text messages.

He had testified that Hui threatened him that night, asking for HK$500,000. He allegedly was told that if he refused she would make public a two-hour-long videotape that had private footage of the pair at a love hotel.

Mr X alleged she repeatedly made threats to injure his reputation and hurt his wife if he did not pay. The sum was cut to HK$380,000 after several rounds of talks and Mr X finally paid HK$290,000.

In a videotaped interview played to the court yesterday, Hui told police she had made threats, but only after Mr X told her to do so in order to stage a showdown with his wife or out of frustration for the whole episode.

'He said one thing in front of me and said another in front of his family; I didn't know when to believe him,' she said.

Hui said Mr X insisted on giving her the money after she rejected the offer repeatedly and she took it as compensation for an abortion and out of his promise to pay her mortgages.

Her testimony continues today.