Karaoke hostess entrapped into blackmail plan, court told

PUBLISHED : Friday, 23 November, 2007, 12:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 23 November, 2007, 12:00am

A senior government official entrapped a karaoke hostess into an alleged blackmail scheme after his wife discovered their affair, a lawyer told the District Court yesterday.

Defence barrister Lily Yew, acting for 36-year-old karaoke hostess Hui Wing, told the court the request for money was made under the instruction of Mr X - the government official, whose identity is protected - as an exit strategy from their situation.

Denying there was any blackmail involved in the case, Mrs Yew said in her submission to the court yesterday that Mr X, however, had an inconsistent attitude when he dealt with his wife and his lover after the former discovered on February 22 that he was having the affair.

Mrs Yew said: 'He does not love either of these two women at all. All he cared about was his career after the affair had been revealed.'

She alleged that Mr X tried to settle the matter by breaking up with Hui to comfort his wife, while also instructing Hui to ask his wife for money and promising the karaoke hostess he would go back to her after two or three years.

The blackmail was plotted to convince his wife that the affair would come to an end after Hui was paid to leave him, Mrs Yew told the court, calling Mr X an unreliable witness who had been a 'persistent liar'.

Hui, who has pleaded not guilty to two counts of blackmail, allegedly demanded HK$500,000 from Mr X in February, later reducing it to HK$380,000 following negotiations.

The court heard earlier that Mr X paid HK$290,000 in March after Hui threatened him with a two-hour videotape containing 'something private' between the pair.

In the prosecution's closing speech, Isaac Tam Sze-lok yesterday described the case as a tragedy.

He said Mr X quite clearly told Hui their affair had ended because the senior official's wife had discovered their relationship.

'But Hui was somehow too obsessed with Mr X and their relationship that she kept telling herself Mr X would not abandon her,' he said.

Judge Andrew Chan Hing-wai adjourned the hearing to December 14 to deliver his verdict.