PUBLISHED : Friday, 23 November, 2007, 12:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 23 November, 2007, 12:00am

Stop materialism beginning at home

In the past, only adults bought buy brand-name products, but now even primary students like trendy goods.

Children and teenagers spend a lot of their pocket money buying luxury products, such as Louis Vuitton bags and clothes.

The birth rate in Hong Kong is rather low and most families have one child.

Children are spoiled by their parents.

Anything a child wants, including luxury goods, parents buy for them.

Hong Kong is a busy city and parents don't spend enough time with their children.

They give their children a lot of money to compensate for not spending time with them.

As time goes by, children may feel that money is the most important thing and will become materialistic.

Stopping materialism should begin at home.

It's important that parents spend more time with their children. They would appreciate this more than their trendy bags.

Ng Hang-ming, Caritas Yuen Long Chan Chun Ha Secondary School

Happy school life

Every day, I wake up, change my clothes, eat my tasty breakfast, pick up my school bag and go to school.

I feel excited because something interesting always happens at school.

During class, I can acquire knowledge and enrich my life. Some of my teachers are humorous and they bring fun to the classroom. This way, students will not feel bored.

During recess time, some students talk with their classmates. Some play ball games.

Others buy snacks at the tuck shop .

I usually go to the library to borrow books to read. I love to read.

We have an annual school picnic and go to different places. I have a happy picnic every year, too!

I love going to school. I also enjoy my school life. I think my school life is wonderful!

Dickson Cheng, SKH Lam Kau Mow Secondary School

Love is the most important thing

Many people think money is the most important thing in life. They work all the time, but don't spend enough time with their family.

Having a family to support you is great. Our family will never give up on us when we face problems.

They will help us solve our problems and encourage us all the time. They don't mind helping us.

And the reason for this is love. Love changes everything. It changes our life, our family and even ourselves.

Love can even change unfortunate people, such as those who have lost everything or don't want to live anymore.

Love is amazing. It can heal.

I think love is the most important thing in life and we should treasure the love we have.

Michelle Lee, STFA Tam Pak Yu College

Strive for excellence

The moral and civic education team of our school successfully held a competition called 'Let's Bounce, Progress Counts' on November 2.

It was a good challenge for the Form Two students.

We worked in groups of five and searched for information on topics such as the Beijing Olympic Games, famous people like the painter Picasso, and news issues.

I enjoyed this competition very much as it's creative and practical.

I learned a lot doing the research. The contest also made me pay more attention to current affairs.

Even though the competition is over, I think it is essential for us to keep enhancing our knowledge and pay attention to the news and everything that's happening around us.

We need to grow and constantly improve to meet the challenges of the changing world.

Micky Wong Man-yee, Shun Lee catholic Secondary School

It's important to lead balanced life

In a latest survey, more than 30 per cent of respondents said they would be willing to leave Hong Kong to lead a more balanced life overseas.

Hong Kong is a competitive city where people work long hours to earn a living. Many employees suffer from severe stress.

The social costs of a poor work-life balance can be tremendous. For example, not spending time with family and friends can disrupt family harmony and friendships and create stress.

Stressed out employees will not enjoy their job, affecting their productivity.

The government should set a limit on the number of working hours. A better work-life balance would be beneficial to Hong Kong's economic and social development.

Katherine Lam, Leung Shek Chee College

Donate blood today

Many people refuse to donate blood because they can't stand the pain.

Blood donation is meaningful and important. It saves lives. Many people need blood transfusions. There are many patients who suffer from illnesses and injuries.

Whenever we have the chance, we should donate blood and fulfil our civic duty.

A Student

My best friend

Everyone has a best friend. My best friend taught me everything: to speak, to write and, most of all, good values. She moulded me into a good person. When I'm sad or lonely she's always there to comfort me. When problems arise she's always willing to help. I will never forget her sacrifice and support. She's my mum. I love you, mum!

Heidy Chui, Methodist College