Road to promotion

PUBLISHED : Saturday, 24 November, 2007, 12:00am
UPDATED : Saturday, 24 November, 2007, 12:00am

If you think you are ready for a promotion or additional responsibilities, it's important to make yourself heard in a tactful way. Before approaching your manager, think about your wishes and be clear about your current role. You need to do an internal assessment and identify what is missing, why you are not motivated and what additional challenges would regain your commitment and energy to the job.

It would be ideal to bring this up in a formal appraisal, but if your company only conducts annual reviews, you can request a formal meeting to discuss the issue. Arrange a time that is convenient for both you and your manager, and meet in a formal, private setting. Be prepared for the meeting and bring supporting documents and testimonials to back up your reasons for wanting a promotion or added responsibilities. This can be anything from an award or certificate to an e-mail that compliments your work and ability.

Be honest during the meeting and tell your manager exactly what your aspirations are. If you are open to ideas, you can ask for suggestions on ways to enhance your role. Engage your manager in a two-way dialogue and be prepared for honest feedback which may be contrary to your expectations.

Once you have set out mutually agreed objectives and targets, set a realistic time frame. Your manager may identify your training and development needs and set a programme for you. Arrange for a follow-up meeting so that you can review your progress.

Article contributed by Aruna Alimchandani on behalf of Hudson, which delivers specialised professional recruiting, outsourcing and human resource solutions worldwide