Showman and ringmaster needed to tell a story

PUBLISHED : Saturday, 01 December, 2007, 12:00am
UPDATED : Saturday, 01 December, 2007, 12:00am

An exceptionally creative individual is sought to help agency 'sweep people off their feet'

Creative mavericks are called to apply for this extraordinary job as creative director.

Chandelier, a full creative agency whose services include advertising, brand overhaul, custom publishing and marketing is looking for someone who can 'sweep people off their feet'.

'Cultivating good clients is like dating, and there is a definite charm to it,' Richard Christiansen, founder and creative director, said. 'We need a showman, a ringmaster, a clown, in every sense of the word, the title is creative director, but it encompasses more than directing creative work.'

Chandelier prides itself in its organic approach ensuring direct connections between creativity and clients, so a personable, out-of-the-box thinker would do well. 'We don't believe that the traditional role of an account manager is the best way to work,' he said.

Chandelier is looking for creatively talented people to collaborate on retail, print, TV, interactive design and branding projects. An honest and eloquent story teller would be essential for this role.

In the company, 'we are all very good story tellers, this is why our work has been so hugely successful, because brands need their story told and they need them told in authentic ways', Mr Christiansen said. 'You need to be totally authentic and live the idea of your brand.'

Mr Christiansen explained that consumers today were 'smarter than they have ever been'. They saw through traditional marketing and instead turned to friends for advice. 'We need to find new dynamic ways to interact with them, to speak authentically to them,' he said.

Sharp business acumen is also a key quality, as well as someone who has appreciation and adoration for luxury and creativity in fashion, art, interior design, food and graphics.

'I have been a huge believer in taking risks on people, if they have a creative spark,' Mr Christiansen said. 'Obviously I need someone with some creative background, but if they come from unexpected places, that would make me just as happy, as I am not looking for traditional thinkers.

'But while I encourage creativity on all levels, I also demand a level of chic, if you join the Chandelier team you need to know how to dress well and live well.'

The company expects its entire staff to love airplanes and travel as a significant amount of travel could be expected.

'I try to ensure that people who want to travel can jump between offices for different projects, it keeps us all inspired and keep our eyes open to new things, and in fact that is where most of our ideas come from,' he said.