Question of the week: Which athlete do you admire most?

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 06 December, 2007, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 06 December, 2007, 12:00am

Janice Poon, 15, Australian International School

I'm not particularly into sports, but I'd have to say [cyclist] Lance Armstrong. He overcame so much adversity and never let anything stop him from reaching his goals.

Germaine Sng Qi Ming, 15, South Island School

Tan Howe Liang, a weightlifter, achieved history when he became the only Singaporean to win an Olympic medal. I admire his strength and modesty. He received no monetary reward, yet he never complained.

Taral Gurung, 15, YMCA of HK Christian College

My favourite athlete is the living legend, Ronaldinho. We all know him as a great football player, but he is more than that. His creative skills simply amaze me. That's why I like him so much.

Melissa Albarus, 15, German Swiss International School

Normally I would prefer a person with attitude and snappy remarks. But Roger Federer intimidates people just as much by keeping his cool, as well as playing beautiful tennis. He makes it look easy - down in the first set, but hits back hard to win the match.

Vijaishri Vijayakumar, 15, Delia School of Canada

My idol is Terry Fox. He was diagnosed with bone cancer at 18. Instead of remaining in hospital for treatment, he started raising funds for cancer patients. Despite his suffering, he helped others like him.

Ben Gran, 16, Australian International School

The athlete I admire the most is the great hotdog eating champion Takeru Kobayashi of Japan. He consumed 44 and 1/2 hotdogs in 12 minutes. I want to be just like him!

Victoria Cindy Lai, 15, South Island School

I admire [former tennis star] Anna Kournikova because of her never-give-up spirit. She was very successful until she suffered many injuries. She stopped competing, but continued to play for charity.

Thacye Chan, 15, Diocesan Girls' School

A childhood devoted to achieving her dream. Behind the glory lies timeless effort. Her wonderful performances brought fame to Hong Kong. She's our role model. I admire [windsurfer] Lee Lai-shan the most.

Ophelia Chan, 17, St Clare's Girls' School

They brave the hot weather and massive waves. They are lonely out in the ocean, but they will never give up - that's why I admire windsurfers.

Jack Orton, 14, Australian International School

Although Pharlap is a horse, I consider him the most important and inspirational 'athlete' Australia has produced. He offered hope to millions of Australians during the Great Depression and was the most successful horse in racing history. And he's Australian!

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