Body parts (II)

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 06 December, 2007, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 06 December, 2007, 12:00am

You know the names of the main parts of your body, but do you know any of the popular phrases that include these words? Read on. There's more to body parts than meets the eye.


You don't really have a list as long as your arm, do you? So how long is your list really?

1 As long as your arm

a) more than a metre long

b) very long

2 To give your right arm to do something

a) to pay someone to do something for you

b) to want to do something very much

3 To twist somebody's arm

a) to persuade someone to do something they don't want to do

b) to grasp someone's right arm

4 To chance your arm

a) to lie in order to get what you want

b) to take a big chance in order to get what you want

5 A shot in the arm

a) a sudden pain in your arm

b) something that suddenly gives you more enthusiasm or energy


You didn't have to pay for your new Plasma TV with your actual arm and leg, did you? How much did it really cost?

6 Not to have a leg to stand on

a) to be in a scary situation

b) to be in a situation where you cannot prove that something is correct

7 To cost an arm and a leg

a) to be extremely expensive

b) to cost a small amount of money

8 To pull someone's leg

a) to kick someone

b) to try and persuade someone to believe something that is untrue (usually as a joke)

9 To give someone a leg up

a) to give someone your seat on a bus

b) to help someone improve their situation at work

10 To talk the hind legs off a donkey

a) to talk a lot about animals

b) to talk for a very long time


The body part in each of these sentences is incorrect. Change it to the correct word so the sentence isn't stupid.

1 How much did you pay for your new phone? I bet it cost a foot and a leg.

2 Joe would never have been promoted if the boss hadn't given him a foot up.

3 I've really put my leg in it. I didn't know she was going out with your brother.

4 The boss had a list of complaints as long as your leg.

5 Of course she's the teacher's favourite. She never puts an arm wrong.

6 I didn't want to come but Jimmy twisted my leg.

7 I would put my leg down if I were you. Tell her she can't spend all your money.

8 She never shuts up. She could talk the hind arms off a donkey.

9 Are you really going out with my sister or are you pulling my arm?

10 I'd give my right foot to have a car like that.


Your foot is usually down on the ground, isn't it? Why does someone tell you to put it down when it is already on the floor?

11 To start off on the wrong foot

a) to wear different coloured shoes

b) to make an unsuccessful start at something

12 To put your foot in it

a) to say something by accident that upsets someone

b) to twist your foot

13 To shoot yourself in the foot

a) to drop something heavy on your foot

b) to do something that spoils a situation for yourself

14 Not to put a foot wrong

a) to dance very well

b) not to make any mistakes

15 To put your foot down

a) to stamp on someone's foot

b) to use your authority to stop something happening


1. b, 2. b, 3. a, 4. b, 5. b, 6. b, 7. a, 8. b, 9. b, 10. b, 11. b, 12. a, 13. b, 14. b, 15. b

The correct body part:

an arm / a leg / foot / arm / a foot / arm / foot / legs / leg / arm