Son's success a salute to commissioner

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 09 December, 2007, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 09 December, 2007, 12:00am

Tang Chi-siu, the son of Police Commissioner Tang King-shing, graduated from the Police College as an inspector yesterday.

The 23-year-old achieved three best-of-the-best awards during training at the college.

In addition to receiving the commissioner's certificate of academic merit for obtaining the highest average marks of the passing out squads, he was awarded the baton of honour as the best all-round inspector in his squad.

He was also honoured with the Brian Slevin Trophy as the best all-round inspector of all those who graduated.

Mr Tang said he had put a lot of effort into learning while he was at the college.

'But the most difficult thing to do is to apply what I've learned.'

Although he was the son of the police commissioner, he said he was treated just like the other officers.

'On the second day, there was a uniform check and I was penalised for not having the full uniform,' he said. Mr Tang said his father had been an influence on him.

'He taught me how to be a good man. He is the police commissioner and I think he's a very good role model,' he said.

He will start work as an inspector in Sheung Shui tomorrow.

Commissioner Tang was proud of his youngest son's success at the college.

'I'm very happy, he got the training and achieved pretty good results,' he said.

Now that his son and other graduating officers had completed their training, Mr Tang said they would be working long shifts. But despite this, they should maintain a healthy lifestyle.

'Also it is important to share their happiness and bitterness with their families for their support and to help them when they are stressed.'

Although Mr Tang has served the Special Duties Unit before, he said it would be his son's wish to choose if he wanted to join.

'He needs to be as fit as I was,' he said.

Twenty-five inspectors and 203 constables passed out yesterday before a deputy commissioner of police, Gordon Fung Siu-yuen, the reviewing officer at the ceremony. Mr Fung will retire in January after 35 years in the force.