Slice of Life

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 11 December, 2007, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 11 December, 2007, 12:00am

From the South China Morning Post this week in: 1965

Corpus Christi, Texas, Dec. 9

Federal Judge Ben Connolly issued a temporary injunction yesterday banning a steel-fabricating firm from running internal combustion engines while the Gemini 7 orbited over the area.

The government, in asking for the injunction, said machinery at Safety Steel Services interfered with radio signals to the space capsule and 'threatened the safety of the astronauts'.

Lawyers for the firm blamed a seven-year-old, 2.5-ton winch truck with causing the interference.

Hendon Scott, president of the firm, said officials of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration had put special spark plugs and spark arresters on all of the company's vehicles in September.

The old winch truck, Mr Henderson said, failed to respond to the anti-sparking equipment and was causing the trouble.

But in his injunction, Judge Connolly ordered all internal combustion engines at the plant, near the Nasa tracking station, to be stilled while the capsule was making passes over the area.

Copenhagen, Dec. 20

The flea circus in Copenhagen's famed Tivoli Gardens has been forced to close because of a shortage of 'actors', Tivoli announced.

Manageress Else Torp said increased hygiene had made it impossible to find enough fleas that live off humans.

Ordinary dog fleas could not be trained to perform, she added. The flea circus was one of the main sideshow attractions in Tivoli, and was believed to be the only one in Europe.

Port Elizabeth, Dec. 12

An African witch doctor on trial for theft told a magistrate he would bring a dead man back to life by January 9 and call him as a defence witness.

So the magistrate adjourned the case until January 11 to give him a chance to try.

The witch doctor, Wilson Rodolo, was accused of taking money and clothes worth #19 (HK$300) from an African woman, Mrs Leah Suiuba, as payment after he promised to bring her dead son back to life.

Mrs Suiuba told the court she gave Rodolo the cash and clothes in September, but never saw him - or her son - again.

Hongkong, Dec. 13

A feasibility study urged the government and private investors to unite on a HK$180 million plan to make Hongkong a top tourist centre.

The study, commissioned by the Hongkong Tourist Association, chose the Sai Kung peninsula for the site of the major project in the first of three phases, envisaged for 1968-71, 1972-75 and 1975 on.

Extensive plans for Sai Kung include a casino, nines hotels and motels, a marina and a golf course. Development in later phases of the plan would be centred on Lantao Island, West Castle Peak and the Tolo peninsula.

The projects would aim at attracting the younger, more adventurous type of tourist, the report said, pointing out that these formed an increasingly large proportion of travellers.

Hongkong Dec. 15

How do your tastes run at Christmas? Do you fancy a sort of Roman orgy? A weekend wallowing in luxury you've never been able to afford?

A weekend in a plush hotel with the girl of your dreams (if she agrees, of course) and all the food and fags and booze a man could want ... and the Honeymoon Suite too ... and someone else footing the bill.

Just what you always wanted?

Well, it's all there for you orgy lovers: The Honeymoon Suite of the Hongkong Hilton, which made the first big donation to this year's Operation Santa Claus, the big Christmas drive for dollars for Hongkong's poor children.

There's beer by Tuborg and San Mig, brandy by Hennessy, supper by the Button or Jimmy's Kitchen (or both), cigarettes by Rothmans and lighters by Lufthansa.

And for her (if you're still thinking about her) a mink stole promised by Mabel Woo Russel.

(By the way, the couple in the picture sampling the delights of the Hilton bridal suite are married. You'll have to be too.)