Voluntary work a good option

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 12 December, 2007, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 12 December, 2007, 12:00am

Has anybody done any part-time jobs?

Seeking part-time work is quite common among teenagers in Hong Kong, especially during the summer holidays.

Some people might argue that teenagers should study hard and finish their homework instead of having part-time jobs.

But having a part-time job has its benefits because one can gain valuable work experience.

Getting some work experience can be extremely useful. When one applies for a job, the interviewer would ask whether one has had work experience.

Having a part-time job can actually improve communication and social skills and inspire us to work harder.

Instead of wasting your time playing computer games or sleeping, why don't you have a part-time job?

Tommy Wong Wai-chun, Yan Oi Tong Tin Ka Ping Secondary School

From the Editor

Thanks for your letter, Tommy. I agree with you that there is much to be gained from taking on a part-time job - and I don't just mean the extra cash! It offers a window into the working world and the opportunity to meet and talk to new people.

The downside of a part-time job is that it takes up precious time - and you have most likely already got a very busy schedule.

I suggest that if you want to get some work experience, but don't want to take on a regular part-time job, why not do voluntary work. You will have many new experiences and meet new people - and be doing something good for other people!

Kate, Editor