Travel Door Stop Alarm

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 16 December, 2007, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 16 December, 2007, 12:00am

What is it?

A simple, portable solution to the worldwide problem of poor hotel-room security. The Travel Door Stop Alarm is a useful combination of a sensor-driven audible alarm and the original wedge-shaped

door stop.

How does it work? The door stop does not require installation and works with any hinged door. Wedge it firmly under the door and switch on the alarm button. A 100-decibel piercing alarm is activated if the door is opened even slightly. The alarm stops when the door is closed but will restart if the door is reopened. It is powered by two AA batteries (not included).

Why do I need one? A cursory look at bad experiences posted on travel websites is enough to confirm travellers need to take responsibility for their in-room safety. Although hotel-room key cards offer better protection than keys against break-ins, elderly and female travellers remain vulnerable. According to travel security specialist Chris McGoey of, the cost of a hotel room is not always the best predictor of how safe it will be.

The Travel Door Stop Alarm is light and compact, measuring 15cm by 5.5cm by 4cm: small enough to slip into hand luggage if you're travelling light.

And the downside? Once in place under a door, firefighters and paramedics will be as excluded as anyone else. If this worries you, consider the Mini Personal Attack Alarm (GBP9.99/HK$160). The matchbox-sized portable alarm comes with a useful key ring attachment, emits a 130dB alarm and can be paired with a door and window protector (GBP3.99). A pronged clip attached to the alarm is inserted into the door or window frame; the alarm sounds when the prongs separate.

Where do I get one? The Travel Door Stop Alarm costs GBP12.99 but for a limited period the supplier is providing two for the price of one. Go to, which delivers to Hong Kong. The Mini Personal Attack Alarm is available at