Pet owner shocked by condom find in dog biscuits

PUBLISHED : Monday, 17 December, 2007, 12:00am
UPDATED : Monday, 17 December, 2007, 12:00am

A dog owner was shocked to find that a small packet inside a bag of dog treats, which he assumed was for keeping the treats fresh, was a wrapped condom.

Voice actor Michael Pizzuto said he had found the condom in a 250 gram bag of Pedigree's dog biscuits made in Beijing.

'I was shocked. I called and e-mailed everyone I know,' said Pizzuto, who moved to the city from the US two years ago.

He had bought the bag of treats about three months ago at a Wellcome store in Wan Chai for his three-year-old male chihuahua and had opened it about a month ago.

But it was not until he opened the small packet inside the bag about 10 days ago that he realised what it was.

'The condom was still wrapped and unmarked with any particular brand name. At first I thought it was a freshness packet, but then realised what it was. I'm still baffled by the whole thing,' he said.

He contacted Pedigree's Hong Kong distributor, Effem Foods, which took back the bag last Friday and replaced it. 'I didn't ask for any compensation. I don't think they would,' Pizzuto said.

He had not lodged complaints with Wellcome, the Consumer Council or the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department because 'I don't care. It's funny. I was not upset'.

But he decided to make it public. 'If other people have that bag, they should look inside,' he said.

Pizzuto, 30, said he would never buy Pedigree's dog treats again, although the product 'is cheap'.

The dog treats are still on sale at Wellcome at a discounted price of HK$6.50 a pack.

A spokeswoman for Effem Foods said the firm had no idea why a condom was in the bag but was investigating.

A Wellcome spokeswoman said sales of the product would not be suspended and that the company would wait for the distributor's report before it made any decision on sales.

She said it was an individual case and Wellcome had not received any similar complaints. It had also randomly checked other bags of the treats but none contained a condom.