Close encounters with animals

PUBLISHED : Monday, 17 December, 2007, 12:00am
UPDATED : Monday, 17 December, 2007, 12:00am

Paper 1a

Preparing for HKCEE English Paper 1a, Reading

Where can you find the information? Read the items of information and then decide where particular details can be found.

1 Greenland Zoo is situated to the west of the City Centre. The main entrance faces the Edwards Sports Stadium. Access from the Superhighway is at Exit 3 southwards and Exit 14 northwards. Buses 5, 5S, 18 & 24 pass the zoo.

2 Visitors may make their own way around the zoo or join a guided tour. Reservations are necessary. Call 8675 9403.

The Lion Train is available for a trip around the zoo, starting and ending near the African Bird House. There are 7 stops where you can get on and off. (adults - $3; children under 2 - free; children 2-12 - $1.50)

3 Young children will be delighted with the Family Area. Children can touch the animals there (domestic animals like sheep), listen to animal stories, play on animal-shaped equipment, and see some baby animals. Open 10am to 1pm and 2.30pm to 4pm.

4 The zoo is deeply involved in conservation efforts for animals both in zoos and the wild. The zoo has been working to reintroduce rare Bluehorn Deer to the Andes, and is a leading participant in the Save The Turtle Alliance. Greenland Zoo is the main centre for Purple Dragon Parrot breeding and has so far successfully raised 300 to adulthood.

5 Members Thank You Mornings. Members of the Friends of Greenland Zoo are invited to visit the zoo before it opens on the first Saturday of each month. This is a special privilege as the animals are at their best early in the morning. Reservations are needed and a special guided tour will be available to point out some of the zoo's treasures to our generous friends. Call 8674 3650.

6 Wheelchairs (push or electric) can be rented for $6 or $20 a day. Please ask for this service when purchasing your ticket. Numbers are limited and the service is offered on a first-come, first-served basis.

7 Greenland Zoo is the perfect place for your child's birthday party. Four themes are available: Monkey Fun, Pony Party, Big Cat Day and Zebra Striped Party. Parties involve a private area, birthday cake, sandwiches, French fries, ice cream and soft drinks. Maximum 25 people. Duration 2 hrs. Small souvenirs are also given out. Cost depends on location and theme, but varies from $250 to $750. Reservations one month in advance are advised. Call our Party Manager, Sophie, at 8967 5433 for further details and reservations.

8 As part of our on-going fund-raising effort we offer, in return for a donation, the right to name an animal. This can be a very special gift for someone, giving them great joy and helping the zoo maintain its wonderful collection of animals. The name chosen will be displayed alongside the animal, and a certificate and photograph presented to the person who gives the name. The size of the donation depends on the type and rarity of the animal to be named.

9 Jungle Cafe (by the main entrance) - coffee and cakes

Big Bear's Barbecue (near the Snake Centre) - ribs, burgers and more

Polar Place (by the Penguin Palace) - ice cream and cold drinks

10 Volunteers - we are keen to get the assistance of local people. Anyone with some experience of animal health care is especially welcome. Help with special tours, children's parties, Zoo Nights and the preparation of animal feed is also needed. A regular commitment is essential.

11 Open every day 10am-6pm. Special rates for parties of more than 15 people. Adults - $10; Children under 2 - free; Children 2-13 - $5; Seniors - $6.

12 September to December - Zoo Night. Stay in the zoo overnight. Dinner and breakfast included. Fun activities for all ages. Hear the scary sounds of animals at night. $50 per person. 25% off for Friends of Greenland Zoo and children 8-12 (those younger not accepted). Call 8566 7785 for reservations.

13 Advice: the Zoo extends over a large site and visitors are likely to do a great deal of walking. Comfortable shoes are essential. Shade is not always easy to find so please take steps to protect yourself against the sun.

14 Presentz-for-All - baseball caps, toy animals, mugs and plates, puzzles, CDs, jewellery and many cute gifts are available. (10am-5pm)

Cape Town Store - by the entrance to the African Wildlife Area. A fascinating assortment of items from Africa. (11am-4pm)

15 Greenland Zoo is committed to helping the disabled enjoy our facilities. All venues are accessible to wheelchairs. Sign language tours are available on Saturdays. Braille information signs are to be found near most cages and enclosures. A call in advance will help us assist you. Please call 8574 6000.

Where can you find information on...?

a how to contact the person in charge of party arrangements

b what to wear on a visit

c where to take your 5-year-old brother

d how an ordinary person can help the zoo at no cost

e when you can visit

f how to get around the zoo

g how to help your old, slightly weak grandmother make a comfortable visit

h the cost of joining a camp in the zoo

i where you can have something to eat

j how to get to the zoo

(Slightly harder)

k on activities you have to book in advance

l a special way of giving money to the zoo

m what the zoo does to help endangered species

n the range of souvenirs available

o a special treat for people who join the zoo's support society

p a good time for deaf people to visit

q where to find refreshments

r where you can find items from another continent

s activities non-employees can help with

t what help is available for the visually disabled


a. 7, b. 13, c. 3, d. 10, e. 11, f. 2, g. 6, h. 12, i. 9, j. 1, k. 2/ 5/ 7/ 12, l. 8, m. 4, n. 14, o. 5, p. 15, q. 9, r. 14, s. 10, t. 15