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PUBLISHED : Monday, 17 December, 2007, 12:00am
UPDATED : Monday, 17 December, 2007, 12:00am

Word power

Match the following words with their meanings below.

1 spike

2 covert

3 discerning

4 gory

5 vehement

6 obliged

a bloody

b not open; secretive

c passionate, showing strong feelings

d lace; mix (in this case, with inappropriate ideas)

e compelled; required by law; moral pressure to do something

f showing careful judgment

Fill in the blanks with the words you have learned.

7 The animal lovers launched _________________________________ protests against the policy to ban public housing tenants from keeping pets.

8 Local tabloids like to use _________________________________ pictures of suicide and accident victims to boost their circulation.

9 The _________________________________ operation to assassinate the triad boss was cancelled at the last minute by a rival gang.

10 Many communist officials are _________________________________ to toe the party line even though they do not agree with all the government policies.

11 Modern counterfeit technology is very advanced. Some fake banknotes cannot be detected by even the most _________________________________ eyes.

12 Before the man murdered his victim, he is believed to have _________________________________her drink with sleeping pills.

Language focus

The use of 'instead of'

'Instead of' is a conjunction which combines two sentences, with one being negative and the other stating the reasons for the negative action.

Example: He didn't enrol in the painting class. He chose to practise drawing himself.

Answer: Instead of enrolling in the painting class, he chose to practise drawing himself.

13 He didn't report the crime to the police. He punished the offender himself.


14 She didn't go to the concert. She went to have dinner with her boyfriend.


15 Katie didn't buy a cat. She adopted one from an animal welfare centre.


Think about

1 What is your opinion on the media industry in Hong Kong? Do you think they are credible organisations?

2 Do you agree that media neutrality is an ideal which cannot be practised in modern society?

3 Which newspaper(s) do you and your family read? What do you think about it/them?

4 Besides the examples mentioned in the article, can you think of any particular cases of advocacy journalism?


1. d, 2. b, 3. f, 4. a, 5. c, 6. e, 7. vehement 8. gory 9. covert 10. obliged 11. discerning 12. spiked 13. Instead of reporting the crime to the police, he punished the offender himself. 14. Instead of going to the concert, she went to have dinner with her boyfriend. 15. Instead of buying a cat, she adopted one from an animal welfare centre.