Party warning ahead of polls

PUBLISHED : Saturday, 22 December, 2007, 12:00am
UPDATED : Saturday, 22 December, 2007, 12:00am

The Communist Party has told organisation departments at all levels to be on the lookout for under-the-table election dealings by cadres as leadership reshuffles continue around the country.

A total of 1,968 officials and cadres have been punished for graft linked to changes in lower-level government and party organs since May last year, Xinhua reported yesterday.

The party's Organisation Department said the cadres were disciplined or punished for the election-related irregularities following its election monitors being deployed and a national complaint hotline being set up last year.

The hotline had received 25,243 complaints so far and, of those, 1,844 had been fully or partially substantiated, the department said.

An investigation in August last year found a district party secretary in Shangqiu , Henan province , convened four standing committee meetings to promote 94 cadres without going through any assessment procedures. The cadre received an internal party warning and the promotions were revoked.

In May last year, inquiries into reports of irregularities involving a deputy mayor of a city in Hengyang county, Hunan province , revealed he made phone calls and sent text messages to officials asking them for support in an internal poll. He received a severe party warning and was suspended.

A township women's federation director in Bozhou , Anhui province , was dismissed and arrested after inviting officials to dinner and handing out gifts to win the deputy township governor's election at the start of this year.

The department issued a circular last month urging governments to 'resolutely prevent and seriously deal with vote-rigging, vote-buying and other problems'.

The department has joined forces with the party's top disciplinary body - the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection - to send inspection teams to provinces and cities to supervise the reshuffle.