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Take Action!

PUBLISHED : Monday, 24 December, 2007, 12:00am
UPDATED : Monday, 30 May, 2016, 2:05pm

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Klaus-Bernhard Jotz of Tung Chung is concerned about seemingly pointless construction work near his home.

'A couple of months ago, seven structures the same as you see in the attached picture (below) were set up along Man Tung Road, between the primary school and the Gateway shopping mall. As I live in this area, I walk past these structures daily.

'I've been wondering since then what they are for and why they were built. I have never seen anybody using them apart from people chaining their bicycles onto them illegally from the day after they were set up.

'I suppose they were built with taxpayers' money and therefore I require an answer to my questions regarding why they were built and what they are for.'

Tung Chung district officer Lee Man-fai said they were rain shelters. 'Islands district councillor Leung Siu-tong proposed to build a walkway cover on a section of Man Tung Road in a district council meeting in 2005,' he said. 'Representatives from the Transport Department, Leisure and Cultural Services Department and our office as well as Mr Leung and one local representative then conducted a site visit in December 2005.

'Taking the site conditions and local requests into consideration, all representatives agreed to build seven rain shelters along the road to provide cover and resting places for pedestrians and students of nearby schools. Islands district council finally approved the works.'

Mr Lee also said parking bicycles at rain shelters was illegal. 'To tackle the illegal parking of bicycles, a working group meeting on pavement/rear lane and public place management has been formed under the Islands District Office. Relevant departments would regularly launch joint departmental operations for clearance of illegally parked bicycles occupying public areas and pavements in Islands District. If it is necessary, we shall carry out joint departmental operations for clearance of illegally parked bicycles chained at the rain shelters along Man Tung Road.'

Mr Jotz told Take Action he was not satisfied with the answers. 'The shelters are supposed to be used as rain shelters,' he said.

'But for that they are completely inappropriate, as they are open on three sides and the fourth side is only partially covered. They are supposed to be for students from nearby schools. But how could they be used sensibly when hundreds of students finish school and each shelter has only space for five or seven people? The money spent on these shelters is completely wasted.'

Chris bought games from an online retailer based in Hong Kong but said it was unhelpful when he wanted a refund. 'I am a UK citizen who purchased some Nintendo goods from a company based in Hong Kong called When the games arrived they were not as described. I contacted the company and they said I should return the goods for a refund. I sent the goods by Royal Mail's track-and-trace service, which shows the company received the goods on November 22.

'Despite sending over 30 e-mails, the company has stopped responding. I am very worried as this money was to be used for Christmas presents for my children. When I investigated this company's reviews on UK websites, this is happening to more and more UK people. It must stop.'

A spokesman for the web-based company said the company had not yet received the returned package.

'We have informed the customer that once we receive the returned package, we will resend to them by Fedex and the arrival will be before Christmas.

'However, we still have not received the returned package, and we are also now checking with the post office.'