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PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 26 December, 2007, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 26 December, 2007, 12:00am

These are the answers to the Christmas Family Quiz we published yesterday. If you missed it, just go online to www.scmp.com, where the whole quiz, and these answers, are available free as PDF pages.


1 Paper

2 The minnow family of fish, Cyprinidae

3 Five

4 The astrolabe

5 At the base of the brain, in the centre of the skull

6 Indonesia, Japan, and the United States in descending order

7 Carbon dioxide

8 4.5 billion years ago

9 The ice caps of Antarctica and Greenland

10 Swedish botanist Carl Linnaeus in the mid-1700s


1 Butterfly

2 Morocco

3 The high jump

4 Roland Ratzenberger

5 George Orwell

6 The squidger

7 The Washington Senators

8 Australia

9 Seven

10 Archery, wrestling and horsemanship

Music & Film

1 Michael Keaton

2 He was a reservations clerk for Cathay Pacific when discovered in a talent contest

3 Native Indian, cowboy, building worker, policeman, biker and soldier

4 Infernal Affairs

5 Days of Thunder

6 Ben Elton

7 Veteran martial arts actors Yuen Wah and Yuen Qiu

8 From a black and yellow striped top he often wore

9 Heaven 17

10 Bamboo, stone and (animal) hide

Who Did What?

1 John Howard, Sir Robert Menzies

2 Jet Li, Kiss of The Dragon

3 Oprah Winfrey, The Color Purple

4 Yao Ming , The Houston Rockets

5 Paris Hilton, The Simple Life

6 Ang Lee, Hulk

7 Kate Moss, Pete Doherty

8 Tom Hanks, Splash

9 J.K. Rowling, Joanne

10 Bryan Habana, a cheetah


1 Venus

2 10-9, or a billionth

3 IBM chairman Thomas Watson

4 ARPANET, after the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency which developed it

5 Buckyballs

6 A flame war

7 The first simple microscope

8 The furthest is its apogee, the closest its perigee

9 Caesium

10 Picture elements

Weird World

1 Laos

2 Belgium

3 Mosque

4 Four: William McKinley, Abraham Lincoln, James Garfield, John F Kennedy

5 38 minutes

6 New York

7 Antarctica, with over 6,000

8 It was ceremonially crushed with a silver hammer

9 The Congo

10 Four: Malay, Mandarin, English, Tamil

Who Said It?

1 Noel Coward

2 Ho Chi Minh

3 Mother Teresa

4 Muhammad Ali

5 Marilyn Monroe

6 Ernest Hemingway

7 Mao Zedong

8 Josef Stalin

9 Marlon Brando

10 Winston Churchill


1 Jingle Bells

2 Boxing Day, December 26

3 Mexico

4 Holiday Inn

5 Six, four of whom are named: Martha, Belinda, Peter and Tiny Tim

6 Caspar and Melchior

7 They are three of Santa Claus' reindeer

8 1843

9 Canada

10 40

Hong Kong

1 A 2-metre sword

2 Jardine Matheson Holdings

3 Architect Tao Ho, a contest judge, was asked to find a new look after mainland officials rejected the six finalists' designs

4 1974

5 Rhesus macaque, long-tailed macaque

6 Incorporate his ferry service under the name 'Star Ferry Co. Ltd' in 1888

7 733km

8 The Second Convention of Peking

9 Central Plaza, in Harbour Road, Wan Chai

10 Four: HMS Blenheim (Blenheim Rd), HMS Tamar (Tamar St), HMS Drake (Drake St) and HMS Rodney (Rodney St)

Arts & Books

1 Gouache

2 Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (UK) and Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (US)

3 Venice

4 Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

5 Philip Roth

6 The Analects of Confucius

7 Paris (The Louvre)

8 Gao Xingjian

9 Catalonia

10 Crime writer Agatha Christie



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