PUBLISHED : Thursday, 27 December, 2007, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 27 December, 2007, 12:00am

New Releases

Atonement (IIB)

See review this page.

Assembly (IIB, Putonghua)

See review this page.

Aliens vs. Predator 2 (IIB)

A spaceship of the predators crashes in the forest near a small American town, releasing an alien that impregnates townsfolk and creates a new group of aliens. John Ortiz, Steven Pasquale and David Paetkau star. Colin and Greg Strause direct. Not reviewed.

General Releases

Alvin and the Chipmunks (I)

The part live action and part computer-animated film tells the story of an aspiring singer-songwriter (Jason Lee) teaming up with three homeless chipmunks - Alvin, Simon and Theodore - to form a music group. Not reviewed.

Bee Movie (IIA) (Chinese and English version)

The animation stars Jerry Seinfeld, who also co-wrote and co-produced the movie, as the lead bee Barry, who flies through Central Park and bumps into Vanessa (voiced by Renee Zellweger), a florist who becomes his best friend and helps him sue humans for robbing bees of honey. CT

Beowulf (IIB)

Loosely based on the Anglo-Saxon epic poem of the same name, the film tells the story of Beowulf, a hero of the Geats. Ray Winstone and Angelina Jolie star. Robert Zemeckis directs. CT

Golden Compass (IIA)

A fantasy film, based on the first novel in Philip Pullman's trilogy His Dark Materials, starring Dakota Blue Richards who embarks on a dangerous journey to save her best friend from evil forces. Nicole Kidman plays the villain. Chris Weitz directs. AS

I Am Legend (IIB)

Horror film starring Will Smith as the only survivor of a virus outbreak, who is pursued by zombies as he struggles to find a cure. AS

National Treasure: Book of Secrets (IIA)

The sequel to the 2004 film National Treasure stars Nicolas Cage as treasure hunter Ben Gates, who is determined to prove his ancestor's innocence after a page from the diary of John Wilkes Booth shows his great-great grandfather is a key conspirator in Abraham Lincoln's death. Jon Turteltaub directs. Not reviewed.

Persepolis (IIA) (French and English versions)

Co-directed by Iranian artist Marjane Satrapi, the film is based on her autobiographical graphic novel. It charts Satrapi's childhood days under the fundamentalist regime. CT

Tokyo Tower - Mom and I and Sometimes Dad (IIA) (Japanese)

Based on Lily Franky's autobiography, the film is about the coming-of-age of Franky and the life of her mother. Joe Odagiri and Takako Matsu star. Trivial Matters (IIB) (Cantonese) Comedy featuring seven short stories from horror, romance to the supernatural. Shawn Yue, Kristal Tin, Chapman To, Stephy Tang, Edison Chen, Eason Chan and Gillian Chung star. Edmond Pang Ho-cheung directs. PF

The Warlords (IIB) (Putonghua)

War epic about General Pang's (Jet Li) obsession with power as he battles his brothers (Andy Lau Tak-wah and Takeshi Kaneshiro) during the Qing dynasty. PF

Art House

Chinese Filmshop

Southern Film Company presents five new Chinese productions, including the following three. HK Film Archive, 50 Lei King Rd, Sai Wan Ho; Agnes b. Cinema, HK Arts Centre, 2 Harbour Rd, Wan Chai; Silver Theatre, 88 Fun Yan St, Kwun Tong, HK$40 Urbtix. Inquiries: 2527 7284. Ends Sat

Legend of Seasons

About a university graduate's teaching experience in a poor village. Stars Gao Feng and Cao Jian. Directed by Xie Xiaojing. In Putonghua with Chinese and English subtitles. Today, 10.30am, tomorrow, 4pm, Silver Theatre.

Tea in Love

A group of female university graduates leave their city lives to collect tea leaves in a small village. Stars Fu Dalong and Lin Meijun. Directed by Meng Qi. In Putonghua with Chinese and English subtitles. Today, 4pm, Sat, 10.30am, Silver Theatre.

A Railway in the Cloud

Feng Xiaoning's drama traces the 10 years of construction of the Tibet Railway. Stars Zhou Lijing and Liu Xiaowei. In Putonghua with Chinese subtitles. Tomorrow, 10.30am, Sat, 4pm, Silver Theatre.

Federico Fellini

A retrospective of the Italian filmmaker with 15 features, including the following four. HK Film Archive, 50 Lei King Rd, Sai Wan Ho; HK Space Museum, 10 Salisbury Rd, TST; HK Science Museum, 2 Science Museum Rd, TST, HK$50 Urbtix. Inquiries: Ends Sat


A semi-documentary in which Fellini is taken back to the early days of his career when he is interviewed by a Japanese TV crew. Also stars Marcello Mastroianni and Anita Ekberg as themselves. In Italian with English subtitles. Today, 7.30pm, HK Space Museum.

Fellini's Roma

The director's semi-autobiography of episodes that compare Roman life during the fascist regime to that of the early 1970s. Stars Peter Gonzales as Fellini. In Italian with English subtitles. Tomorrow, 7pm, HK Science Museum

Ginger and Fred

A satire of 1980s Italian TV stars Giulietta Masina and Marcello Mastroianni as a song and dance duo reuniting two decades after their retirement to perform on a vulgar variety show. In Italian with English subtitles. Tomorrow, 9.30pm, HK Science Museum.

Fellini Satyricon

Loosely based on Petronius' novel, Fellini's version depicts the erotic journey of a gay man (Martin Potter) in ancient Rome. In Italian with English subtitles. Sat, 2.30pm, HK Space Museum.

First Love of the Happy Prince

InD Blue presents the following three programmes of Japanese lesbian and gay movies. Agnes b. Cinema, HK Arts Centre, 2 Harbour Rd, Wan Chai, HK$50 Urbtix. Inquiries: 2572 7202. Ends Dec 31

Hatsu-koi (First Love)

A coming of age story about a high school boy (Hiroshi Murakami) following a gay couple he meets on train. Directed by Koichi Imaizumi. In Japanese with Chinese and English subtitles. Sat and Dec 30, 2.30pm; Dec 31, 7.30pm, 9.15pm.

Naughty Boys

Takayuki decides to cheat on his lover but gets into a series of awkward situations. Directed by Koichi Imaizumi. Stars Tomohiro Okada and Kouichi Imaizumi. In Japanese with English subtitles. Sat, 4.30pm.

All about Queer Boys and Girls

Features 13 shorts of genres including drama, documentary, animation and experimental. In Japanese with English subtitles. Dec 30, 4.30pm.

Entertainer: the Art of Wong Tin-lam

Features 22 films of the post-war director from the 1950s-70s, including the following four features. HK Film Archive, 50 Lei King Rd, Sai Wan Ho, HK$30 Urbtix. Inquiries: 2734 9009. Ends Jan 6

Lady on the Roof

Burglar Ying (Lin Dai) breaks into a rich man's (Kelly Lai Chen) house and the pair fall in love despite his arranged marriage to a daughter in an influential family. Also stars Tang Zhen and Wu Jiaxiang. In Cantonese. Tomorrow, 7.30pm.

A Story of Three Loves (Part 1)

This adaptation of Zhang Henshui's novel depicts a tragic romance between a young Beijing intellectual (Chao Lei) and a street singer (Grace Chang), whose uncle is bribed to make her a warlord's concubine. Also stars Jeanette Lin. In Putonghua with English subtitles. Part One: Sat, 5pm. Sequel: Sat, 7.30pm.

Double Date

Two clumsy young men try to win the hearts of two waitresses in this comedy. Stars Patricia Lam Fung, Christine Pai Lu-ming and Cheung Ying-choi. In Cantonese. Dec 30, 2.30pm.

Because of Her

Wong co-directs this musical with Yi Wen, in which Grace Chang plays a singer who struggles to choose between her troupe leader husband (Roy Chiao) and her old flame (Kelly Lai Chen) who she is pregnant to. Also starring Wan Lai. Music by Ryoichi Hattori. In Putonghua. Dec 30, 7pm.

In Praise of Love

While struggling to find inspiration for his project about love, Parisian writer Edgar (Bruno Putzulu) meets up with a mysterious woman he met two years before. Directed by Jean-Luc Godard. Also stars Cecile Camp and Jean Davy. In French with English and Chinese subtitles. Dec 30, 12.30pm, Broadway Cinematheque, 3 Public Square St, Yau Ma Tei, HK$40. Inquiries: 2388 0002