Unidentified Emotions

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 01 January, 2008, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 01 January, 2008, 12:00am

Unidentified Emotions

Art Statements Gallery

Reviewed: Dec 28

The title speaks for itself as the four videos on display deal not only with human emotions, but unresolved ones that leave the audience with a sense of wonder.

Finnish artist Liisa Ahtila's Me/We; Okay; Gray (right) is displayed as a multi-channel video installation made up of three 90-second, black-and-white episodes. Surreal scenes with a woman speaking in a male voice, or three women taking a lift down to a water tank, encourage more interpretations of the narrative.

Lasso is a three-minute video by another Finn, Salla Tykka. The piece of a girl watching a boy practising with a lasso before walking away in tears creates a mysterious mood that keeps us questioning the story of the characters.

Texas-based duo Teresa Hubbard and Alexander Birchler's video loop, Detached Building, plays with spatial continuity through one smooth track shot. The camera moves back and forth between a dimly lit tin shed and a dark garden. Sometimes we see young musicians jamming in the shed and a girl throwing stones in the dark, sometimes they disappear.

While meant to be a segment of their acclaimed video Paradise Institute, Canadian couple Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller's House Burning becomes out of context on its own. Despite the striking visual of a burning house, there's no flow. The three-dimensional audio might be a selling point, but the artists haven't used the technique to experiment with the relationship between image and sound.

All the artists in the show are well known yet it's rare to have their works shown in Hong Kong.

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