Students shouldn't spend all their free time playing sports

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 02 January, 2008, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 02 January, 2008, 12:00am

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Jeffrey Wong, 19, Diocesan Boys' School

Most readers have come across the advert on TV publicising the benefits of exercise, which stars Alex Fong. As an athlete, I agree with him.

I think we should spend our free time playing sports. These are the reasons why.

Sport is much more than simple exercise. Sportsmanship includes respecting the rules and referees and striving for the best.

It's true that rules may not always be impartially enforced and referees are not always objective, but we can learn a lot from them.

Sport teaches us to be competitive and to do our best. It can push us to improve.

Sport helps us develop the right attitude towards life.

It also improves our physical and mental health.

Some of my fellow students lack will power and determination, which affects their self-esteem.

Life is full of ups and downs, and sport helps us develop the strength to cope with them.

Sport also helps us develop into adults. Boys become men and girls become women. We mature through playing sports.

All in all, playing sports is instrumental in shaping our personality and prepares us to cope with challenges.

It's not a waste of time. It is an investment in our future. It will pay off.

Claudia Yip, 17, Shun Lee Catholic Secondary School

Students should not spend all their free time on sports.

We should focus on academic activities instead of sports because only by studying hard will we obtain our degrees and secure good jobs.

In fact, sports can be dangerous. A little twist in the wrong place could paralyse someone for life. Some say doing sports for leisure is not dangerous, but it's not just professional athletes who get hurt. Even minor injuries, such as a broken arm, will hinder your studies.

Playing sports is also time-consuming, particularly if you are good because the better you perform, the harder you have to train.

Games played in teams mean that there's little flexibility about when practice can take place.

When there are competitions involved the amount of training time required increases. It can be very difficult for students to find time to complete their homework.

Even if sports are only scheduled for free time, the physical effort is tiring, preventing us from doing other things.

Some students have no talent and no interest in sport and they should not be forced to take part against their will.

They should have the right to spend their time on other things.

Spending free time on sports means less time studying. Is it really worth it?


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