Jolans Fung: Desire/Disappearance

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 03 January, 2008, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 03 January, 2008, 12:00am

Art Beatus Exhibition Space

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Visual artist Jolans Fung Man-yiu believes Hong Kong is in a schizophrenic phase. On the one hand, the city is increasingly driven by the desire to consume and keep up with new trends. On the other, it is desperate to conserve anything old to preserve its collective memories.

Fung's latest exhibition, Desire/Disappearance, is a visual exploration of this dichotomy, looking at Hong Kong as a place of 'contrasts, confusions and contradictions'.

'My inspirations come from everyday life and in the past couple of years especially, our lives have been affected by the globalisation of consumerism. Advertising is now everywhere, enhanced by both increased brand awareness and advancement of modern technologies. The desire to consume is as great as ever,' says the 45-year-old artist.

'This trend is everywhere but more intense and powerful in Hong Kong because it is such a small city. As an artist, I want to question this phenomenon, asking whether this is how things should be and whether we should lead a more spiritual than materialistic life.'

The conceptual photography exhibition is divided into two parts: Desire looks at images associated with consumerism and Disappearance is about the passage of time and memories.

Fung chooses to present his photo images in a diptych or triptych format not only to provide contrasts but also narratives and a sense of context.

'So each piece is not just one scene but a scenario. It's not just one word but a sentence.'

Disappearance01, for instance, features the old Star Ferry clock tower with the IFC skyscraper looming large in the background. 'The second photo is an out-of-focus image of the clock tower before it was demolished, suggesting it is fading into our memories and disappearing into the dark and reclamation,' says Fung.

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