Pore relations

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 08 January, 2008, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 08 January, 2008, 12:00am

Makeup artist Karen Chu Ka-lam says white sugar is a fine exfoliator.

'I use it mixed with baby oil,' she says. 'Wash your face with the mixture, rubbing your hands in circles. Push upwards towards the bridge of your nose. Do it once or twice a week and it really helps. After you clean away the mixture, you may feel there's still a layer of oil covering your face. It's just baby oil so you can leave it there to help moisturise your skin.'

Eye cream can help lessen bags and wrinkles, but you must know how to apply it, says Chu (right).

'You have to gently pat it on towards the corner of your eyes - this will help firm the skin,' she says. 'Some people put on toner right after they wash their face. I don't agree. Applying toner is like closing a door on your skin because toner can contract your pores. How can your skin absorb more nutrients if the pores are already contracted?'

Instead of applying toner, use a serum that can be absorbed immediately by your skin, Chu says. 'You should not use toner to re-wash your face,' she says. 'If your face is not thoroughly washed with your cleanser then there may be something wrong with the way you clean your face.'

Lips need special care because they are often dry and chapped this time of year, she says. 'Apply a very thick layer of Vaseline on your lips, then rub away the dead skin with a towel or cotton swab,' she says. 'This way, the dead skin can be removed without making your lips bleed.'