Macau cosmetics firm says singer broke deal

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 10 January, 2008, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 10 January, 2008, 12:00am

A Macau cosmetics and skin care company is seeking compensation from Emperor Entertainment for alleged breach of contract after Canto-pop singer Joey Yung Cho-yee appeared in an advertisement for a rival brand on the mainland.

In a writ filed on Tuesday to the High Court, Colour Zone Commercial Offshore de Macau Limitada, a subsidiary of Singapore-listed Beauty China, alleged that Yung appeared in an issue of Sinobeauty in 2006 representing the H2O+ brand and its shine control products.

In the writ, the company said it was a breach of contract because Yung was an endorser of the company's cosmetic Charminglady.

The writ said the company had received complaints of confusion over which brand Yung represented.

The company also alleged that Emperor Entertainment allowed Yung to hurt the reputation of the company and its products by making public comments against the use of the cosmetics.

In August last year, the writ stated, Yung told Shanghai media that she seldom used cosmetics and makeup base. She was also cited in the writ as saying that cosmetic products contained a lot of chemicals and were environmental unfriendly.

The plaintiff said the comments meant that Yung was against the idea of using cosmetics, which necessarily included the brand under the company.

The plaintiff said that the company had invested a substantial amount of money in building a strong connection with Yung and that her actions had hurt sales of its products because some regular buyers had refused to buy them following the incident.

The company was seeking compensation from Emperor Entertainment to cover 10 per cent of the total sales of its cosmetics products and other unspecified costs that were incurred.