Some you win, some you lose

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 10 January, 2008, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 10 January, 2008, 12:00am

Hillary Clinton, Democrat, New York senator

'I want, especially, to thank New Hampshire. Over the last week, I listened to you and in the process I found my own voice. I felt like we all spoke from our hearts and I'm so gratified that you responded. Now together, let's give America the kind of comeback that New Hampshire has just given me.'

John McCain, Republican, Arizona senator

'I'm past the age when I can claim the noun 'kid' no matter what adjective precedes it. But tonight we sure showed them what a comeback looks like.'

Barack Obama, Democrat, Illinois senator

'I'm still fired up and ready to go. Well first of all I want to congratulate Senator Clinton on a hard-fought victory here in New Hampshire. She did an outstanding job - give her a big round of applause.'

Mitt Romney, Republican, former Massachusetts governor

'Another silver. There've been three races so far. I've got two silvers and one gold - thank you, Wyoming. But tonight, congratulations go to Senator John McCain for running a first-class race. They did a good job and out-competed us.'

John Edwards, Democrat, former North Carolina senator

'I'm in this race until we have actually restored the American dream and strengthened the middle class of America, and so I ask all of you ... who can hear my voice [to] join us in this grass-roots campaign to create the kind of America that all of us believe in.'

Mike Huckabee, Republican, former Arkansas governor

'In Michigan, in South Carolina, in Florida in the next three days. What you helped us continue will be carried right on through, and it won't be too long [before] we're going to be able to secure this nomination and on to the White House and on to leading America.'