Three Colours Hammo

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 15 January, 2008, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 15 January, 2008, 12:00am

Three Colours Hammo

Fringe Club

Reviewed: Jan 11

Although many of the punters hunkered down at tables in front of the low stage were comedian Justin Hamilton's fellow Aussies, the stand-up's material was universally accessible.

This second night of his comedic trilogy, performed in its three-hour entirety on Sunday, needed no synopsis of night one. Death was the overriding theme, segueing into belief in God and the fact that life seems not to be a happily-ever-after affair. Hamilton suggested that it's more prosaic than poetic, and after blundering through the day we'll probably arrive home to find that the toilet has flooded.

Claiming to have witnessed three deaths, the chubby thirtysomething recalled the passing of a neighbour, and how he had been scared not so much by mortality as the sudden eruption of gas from the hindquarters of the corpse.

There was plenty of weirdness in Hamilton's tales, which dovetailed neatly into one another - such as the time he got so stoned with a stranger in a small Australian town that the pair of them played a virtual DJ set. And in case anyone didn't quite get it, Hamilton invited the audience to bend an ear forward and scratch the back of it with their forefinger to produce a sound like DJ scratching.

Other high points included his withering look at ageing party animals who think they can still function at work after a big night out and a glance back at the time he attempted suicide - and failed - when he caught sight of his cartoon-emblazoned boxer shorts in a mirror and realised that wasn't how he wanted to be remembered.