PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 22 January, 2008, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 22 January, 2008, 12:00am

Be a leader and learn about life

The Student Union is one of the biggest student associations in a school. It represents hundreds of students and acts as a bridge between them and the school authorities.

As chairperson of my school's Student Union, my work is full of satisfaction, challenges and frustration.

I have to give speeches, organise activities and solve problems.

My greatest challenge is to provide prompt feedback to the students.

As a Chinese saying goes, 'Disasters emanate from careless talk'. So I have to be careful about what I say and I hope my schoolmates can forgive my faults and give me the chance to improve.

I feel frustrated if an activity is not popular among students or when faced with a tough decision.

Sometimes I hear negative comments, but I'm happy that the junior form committee members bring some 'joyful elements' to the team, like jokes and heart-warming smiles.

They are so creative that I learn a lot from them. I feel most satisfied when my efforts are appreciated. I love serving junior form students because I receive both positive and negative comments. It makes my hard work worthwhile.

Now I know it's important to praise people since they will try to do better next time.

Students should not focus only on their studies. It is a big loss if they hide in a corner without improving their communication or public-speaking skills.

Above all, students who take on leadership roles learn more about themselves.

For example, being a committee member of the Student Union will help them to get along with different people, solve various problems and polish their leadership skills.

They may face setbacks in the process, but I'm sure they will never regret it.

Joanne Law Ka-yee, Tin Ka Ping Secondary School (Fanling)

Therapy offers hope for elderly

I'm writing in response to the article 'Therapy for the senses gives elderly a new lease of life' (South China Morning Post, December 14).

Most people think that the elderly are troublesome since they can't take care of themselves.

To make matters worse, Parkinson's disease is becoming more and more common among people aged above 65.

They are ashamed of their trembling hands caused by the disease. When people look at their hands curiously, it hurts their self-esteem.

So many elderly people refuse to go to restaurants or other public venues.

But there's no need to lose hope.

Intensive rehabilitation training provided by the Haven of Hope Sister Annie Skau Nursing Home can help to improve their sense. This gives them a new lease of life.

Tsang Hiu-tung, Tsuen Wan Public Ho Chuen Yiu Memorial College

Worldly views

As students, our responsibility is to acquire knowledge and learn to use it properly, and make a worthwhile contribution to the community.

We should know more about the world and where we came from. Getting back to everyday life, we need to realise the importance of a healthy diet and perseverance.

These are things that we should know as a human being. So, as students, we should bear in mind that learning is not only for having a good future, it also paves the way to being a good person.

Claudia Li, Marymount Secondary School

Laughter is the best medicine

Many modern cities have laughing clubs. When you go there, you may think those people are mad because they laugh a lot. But are they really crazy? No.

Then why do they laugh for no apparent reason? They want to be happy and healthy.

Many people today believe that laughing can help you relieve your pressure and ward off illnesses.

Laughter is a stress buster which lifts your spirits and makes you feel good.

It is also a natural way of connecting with others. So have a good laugh and enjoy life.

Trishna Gurung

Learn from lost love

My friend was heart-broken because her boyfriend broke up with her recently.

She told me that she always thought about those happy days. She felt frustrated and wanted to die. I comforted her but she was still sad about the break-up.

I think happiness is the most important thing in life - it's not your boyfriend or girlfriend who can leave you at any moment.

It is foolish to cry over spilt milk. You must be strong and face challenges positively.

People might get hurt because of love. They are sweet when they fall in love but weak if the relationship ends.

This is part of the growing-up process. We can learn from such experiences.

Leung Dip-yan

Family comes first

I saw the film Click, which revolves around a man called Michael Newman who has a remote control which can skip any part of his life.

He always puts his career above family. So, he skips his family life and only enjoys his work. Finally, his wife leaves him and his father dies. His father's last words were: 'Family comes first.'

I was very touched by the film. We grow apart from our parents as we get older.

We have problems in school and with our friends, so we move further away from our loved ones.

Many people feel sorry only when they lose their family. I hope you are not going to be the next Michael.

Treasure your family when they are still with you.

A Student