Maid killed in vicious knife attack at kennels

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 24 January, 2008, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 24 January, 2008, 12:00am

An Indonesian domestic helper assaulted by four masked men last month was stabbed to death yesterday at a dog-kennel association in Fanling.

The woman, 24, identified by police as Fitrian, was found lying unconscious with multiple stab wounds outside the entrance of a hut at the North American Working Dog Association (Far East) kennels in Kau Lung Hang Tsuen village off Fanling Highway at 8.25am.

Her employer, Wong King-kok, 58, who is the head of the association's dog activities department, found her body and called police. She was declared dead at the scene.

'The victim suffered more than 20 knife wounds and she probably died from [them],' said Superintendent Steve Li Wing-hong, of New Territories North regional crime unit.

Police said there was no sign of a struggle at the scene and initial investigation showed nothing was stolen.

'It is possible that the victim was taken by surprise. We believe she was attacked around 1am,' a police investigator said.

Last night, no one had been arrested and no weapons found. An autopsy will be carried out today.

Officers were investigating whether the killing was linked with last month's attack.

The maid was assaulted on December 1 when four masked men rushed into her employer's home in Yuen Leng Tsuen, about 500 metres from the kennels.

'The four men wearing balaclavas punched and kicked her. She was also grabbed by the hair and her head was rammed against a wall,' a police source said.

Investigation revealed that the attack had nothing to do with her employer. But the helper reportedly told police that she did not have debt problems or have a dispute with others. She had worked for her employer for a few years.

After being discharged from hospital a few weeks ago, the maid feared a further attack and she was then moved by her employer to the kennels area, where it was thought she would be safer.

Police said the helper had a clean record and there was no indication that she had debt problems.

The kennels run by the association are understood to be used for dog training and breeding. They were established in 1986.

According to its website, the association had been invited to be an affiliate by the Police Dog Training Unit on the mainland, the Texas Kennel Club and the American Working Dog Kennel Union.

It is the second murder case in Hong Kong this year. Last Thursday, taxi driver Lei Seng-chi, 47, was killed by a heavy blow to the head on a Sai Kung hillside after being lured from his cab. The killer is still at large.