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PUBLISHED : Friday, 25 January, 2008, 12:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 25 January, 2008, 12:00am

Yuen Yuen Institute

December 10 was memorable for the students at Yuen Yuen Institute where the English festival was held.

Instead of having normal lessons, students participated in English activities all day, to help improve their knowledge and understanding of the language and the English-speaking world.

The theme for this year's festival was 'Love Our Earth'.

A range of related activities led by the students were organised for the morning.

Educational language exchanges took place at game booths, auctions, song dedications, hairstyling classes, face-painting workshops, a tea party, a book exhibition and movie appreciation discussions.

One of the main attractions was the Parent-Teacher Association's candyfloss stall, which proved hugely popular.

A fun-filled afternoon followed, with a theatre company - Dramatic English - performing a short show, Oops! I Killed a Penguin.

The performance highlighted the importance of protecting the environment and encouraged the audience to be more aware of the world they live in.

Overall, the day was an amazing opportunity that taught the English language in a fun, active way.

True Light Middle School

Lunchtime at True Light Middle School on November 15 was memorable as characters normally seen on TV, like Snow White, the Mario Brothers, Dr Slump and Arale, joined the students at the inaugural True Light Busker Carnival.

A 'busker' is a person who entertains people by singing or dancing for money in public places in western countries.

Therefore, the activity seemed like a perfect theme for the energetic pupils of True Light.

The carnival started with a big parade with loud music being played in the background. Then the buskers marched in and greeted the enthusiastic audience.

Drama skills were needed as the main attraction featured the buskers acting out short theatrical performances.

The Mario Brothers did what they normally do - jumping around to collect coins - while Dr Slump and Arale performed comic turns for their audience. And mummies sneaked up on the audience and tried to scare them.

The buskers gave it their all after a series of rehearsals. 'We spent a long time preparing the props. I am very glad so many students came to watch our show,' said a performer.

The carnival ended with awards for the best performances.

The Mario Brothers, who won the audience's hearts, said: 'It was a precious experience for us to perform in front of the crowd. We really enjoyed being buskers!'

Ruby Chiu and Ronnie Wan, 6A

St Catharine's School for Girls

On November 22, St Catharine's School for Girls celebrated a special occasion. It was the school's 25th annual Speech Day and also its Open Day.

The Open Day took place in the morning and allowed Primary Six students to see how the lessons and other school activities were organised.

The students took part in classes like home economics, where they had fun preparing snacks that were later served to parents and teachers.

They also attended an art class, where they used wooden blocks to make prints. Finally, they played an interactive game designed by the school's students.

The evening session was also a success, with the visitors including Reverend Paul Wong, the school supervisor and guest-of-honour, and Reverend Louis Tsui, the school council chairman. The day was a celebration of the school's accomplishments and made the students and staff of St Catharine's very proud of their achievements.