Family waits for answers about possible baby mix-up in 1976

PUBLISHED : Friday, 01 February, 2008, 12:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 01 February, 2008, 12:00am

Lui Fung-ha and Li Wai-keung were naturally excited when their son was born in Tsan Yuk Hospital in Sai Ying Pun on November 30, 1976.

Kelvin Li Kwok-yin was their pride and joy, and then he was joined by a younger sister and brother.

Last year his sister became suspicious when she realised Kelvin's blood type made it unlikely Ms Lui was his mother.

In November, the mother and son had a blood test, confirming her suspicion and leading the family to believe Kelvin, 31, must have been swapped at birth.

The shocked family's request to see the hospital records was rejected, with Tsan Yuk Hospital long since being incorporated into Queen Mary Hospital.

Kelvin's repeated inquiries to many government departments, including the Ombudsman, met a brick wall.

Finally the Hospital Authority agreed to a meeting in December but again Kelvin got few answers.

'They said it is not their fault and that they had strict procedures on caring for newborn babies,' he said.

'All we wanted was for the authority to check the records but it refused because of personal privacy issues.

'It only agreed to offer DNA tests if we could contact other people born on the same day at the same hospital and get them to go for a DNA test.'

Kelvin thought there might be a breakthrough after his meeting with the authority was reported in the media.

A man identifying himself as 'Ah Hung', who was born in the hospital on the same day, approached the family and agreed to have a test.

So on January 21, Ah Hung, Kelvin and his mother took a DNA test.

Monday, the day they were supposed to find out the result, passed with no news.

A Hospital Authority officer rang them on Wednesday to say they would have to wait until next week for an answer but the result 'will not be of any surprise'. 'They said more time was needed and they were seeking legal advice as they hadn't dealt with any case like this before,' Kelvin said.

But Kelvin is not expecting the result to solve the mystery.

Meanwhile, Queen Mary Hospital said the result of the DNA test would be given to the family and Ah Hung before it was made public. It would not say when this would be.

Kelvin says he will continue calling people who share his birthday and ask them to have a DNA test, hoping one day he can find out the truth.