PUBLISHED : Monday, 04 February, 2008, 12:00am
UPDATED : Monday, 04 February, 2008, 12:00am

Don't forget the spoken words

In the 21st century, science and technology changes with each new day. It makes things convenient and efficient. Students learn computer so that they can get a well-paid job.

But, is it really good for us?

Modern people use e-mail, ICQ and MSN to interact with each other. But no one can ensure that e- mail, ICQ and MSN will replace telephone in the future. Technological changes reduce our time at work but it also reduces our chances to communicate.

So try to talk with people on phone or even face-to-face and not just on ICQ and MSN.

Kary Hung, Christian Alliance S.C. Chan Memorial College

Don't let worries weigh you down

I found that one's success is not only based on talents, but also efforts. No one can make progress without making an effort, even the gifted.

On the other hand, we shouldn't get depressed when we encounter obstacles as life is full of challenges. It is wise for us to be optimistic and adopt a positive attitude towards everything in our lives. We ought to learn effective ways to solve problems rather than being discouraged by those depressing influences.

Irene Lee, Tin Ka Ping Secondary School

Enjoying success after a long haul

Our school recently held its Sports Day.

This year I joined for the 800m and 1,500m race for the first time. The main reason why I joined was for some exercise. During the race, I came to realise what it means to be tired. But no matter, difficult and tired, I finished the race.

At that time, I was proud of myself, wondering how I managed to do that?

This year in Beijing is going to host the Olympic Games and I'm looking forward to the excitement.

Fong Hau-hing, Our Lady of The Rosary College

'Exam machines' need to learn more

Hong Kong students are talented and provided with a good learning environment. Diligent students always achieve result effortlessly. Studies also show that we often top the world with our abilities to read and understand. Yet, merely being strong in theory and knowledge is not enough.

It's not hard to see that even some bright students know little about the society. They glue their heads into textbooks and seldom care what happens around them.

We regard these students as 'exam machines' who don't even know how to take care of themselves. So it's difficult to believe they are able to deal with a crisis when they step beyond the school gate.

I think we should equip ourselves with social experiences. For example, we could participate in some community activities or take summer vocations to become more responsible. We will definitely benefit from this later in life.

Fay Fang

Starry-eyed, at the HK observatory

Before my visit to the Hong Kong Observatory, I thought their job was just to report on the weather to the local public. However a visit really changed my mind. Observatory is there not only for reporting the local weather, but it also provides important climate information to planes and ships.

Although it is situated at Tsim Sha Tsui, the observatory is quite and tranquil.

The visit also included watching videos on history of Hong Kong observatory and explanations about the trees planted in the observatory.

The whole visit helped me gain a lot of knowledge about Hong Kong weather and the development of this organisation.

Carmen Chan

Sudoku, best workout for brain

Give your brain a good workout, with sudoku.

Beginning with several boxes with numbers given, you are required to think of the numbers to be inserted into the rest of the boxes. It might be a bit annoying at first, since it requires loads of brainwork before you can really pick up your pen to write the very first number. However, as you proceed, you will soon discover that you are on the right track and the remaining empty boxes seem to be easy to fill in.

Eager to exercise your brain? Sudoku is the best choice!

Tracy Lee, Leung Shek Chee College

Youths should learn to face pressure

I am writing to express my view on the young generation today. Recent reports show that cases of suicides are on the rise. Recently, a nine-year-old girl took her life after feeling disappointed about her exam results.

Today's teenagers have better living standard and most of them are pampered like strawberries by their parents who opt to fulfil all their whims.

Besides indulgent parents, the education system is another major reason for the situation as it doesn't equip the students with toughness needed to weather disappointments and frustrations.

Emily Lui, Methodist College

Hong Kong is my idea of a paradise

Recently, more and more Hong Kong people moan and groan about the government. But I want to say Hong Kong is actually a fantastic place.

Hong Kong is hailed as a paradise for food. Dishes from almost all over the world can be found here. Moreover, the food in Hong Kong is cheaper than the many other countries. Welfare measures provided by the government, like free education for 12 years, are brilliant. So starting from today, why don't we appreciate our Hong Kong more?

Tsoi Kwan-nok