There's a lot to learn from saga

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 13 February, 2008, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 13 February, 2008, 12:00am

Schools and universities are expected to use the celebrity photos scandal to teach students critical-thinking skills.

Education Convergence vice-chairman Ho Hon-kuen, who is vice-principal of a secondary school, said many schools would prepare talks or worksheets on the saga when classes resumed after the Lunar New Year.

'Many schools will use the incident as material to train students' critical-thinking skills,' he said. 'I spent 30 minutes in nearly all my Form Five classes talking about this with those students who came back for extra lessons during the holiday.'

Mr Ho said the subject would also be covered during morning assembly and students would be asked to write about the incident in class exercises.

Alex Cheung Chi-hung, chairman of the Aided Primary School Heads Association, said different approaches should be adopted for junior and senior students. 'When teaching little kids in Primary One and Two, we will focus more on having respect for others, as well as them getting to know their bodies,' he said. 'More discussion about moral values will be held in the senior years. We will also use the incident to teach Primary Five and Six critical-thinking skills.'

The nude photos saga will also become course material for Lingnan University, in relation to privacy, the media and the internet. 'I believe young people can learn correct moral standards through discussion of news stories about the incident,' university president Chan Yuk-Shee said. The university was also considering including ethics and morality as a compulsory course.

The Catholic diocese's Religious and Moral Education Curriculum Development Centre has prepared guidelines for primary and secondary schools on how to discuss the issue with students.

Diocesan social communications office director Dominic Yung Yuk-yu said schools should use the case to promote ethics based on religion. 'Every student has already seen those photographs,' he said. 'There is no reason not to talk about them.'

The guidelines covered themes and perspectives that teachers could adopt in classroom discussions.

Meanwhile, the Television and Entertainment Licensing Authority has received 71 complaints on media coverage of the scandal.

Actor Edison Chen Koon-hei - who allegedly is in some of the pictures - is set to return to Hong Kong this week, a management spokesman said.

Meanwhile, authorities in Shenzhen seized VCDs and card readers from a store on Monday, a mainland news website reported. The store was suspected of providing VCD copies of the celebrity nude pictures at the centre of the Hong Kong scandal, including pictures purported to be Cecilia Cheung Pak-chi and former actress Bobo Chan Man-woon.