Hard training reaps record harvest at meet

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 09 February, 1994, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 09 February, 1994, 12:00am

SPORTSMEN of the SKH Tsoi Kung Po Secondary School put months of hard training to the test at the school's athletic meet, held recently at the Shamshuipo Sports Ground, Kowloon.

The competition consisted of track and field events on an inter-house basis.

The two-day meet, declared open by the principal, Mrs Miranda Lai, began after House representatives had taken an oath of sportsmanship.

The 632 athletes, from Forms One to Seven, cheered by hundreds of spectators, did their best to make the meet a memorable occasion.

Adding plenty of colour and noise to the proceedings were the energetic cheering teams. Dressed in their House colours, they performed a spectacular acrobatic routine that brought roars of admiration from the crowd.

Many of the athletes showed marked improvement over previous performances, and several records were broken.

The school supervisor, the Venerable Thomas Soo Yee-po, presented the prizes and trophies.

RESULTS Overall House champion: Blue House House champions - Boys' Grade A: Yellow House, Grade B: Blue House, Grade C: Red House, Grade D: Brown House.

House champions - Girls' Grade A: Red House, Grade B: Blue House, Grade C: Blue House, Grade D: Brown House.

Individual champions - Boys' Grade A: Lai Chung-keung F.7S (Red House), Grade B: Cheung Yau-hung F.3D (Brown House), Grade C: Lee Kwok-yuen F.3A (Blue House), Grade D: Lam Fai F.1D (Blue House).

Individual champions - Girls' Grade A: Yuen Ching-yan F.7A (Green House), Grade B: Leung Chung-yan F.4B (Blue House) Grade C: Lai Sze-man F.2A (Blue House). Grade D: Kong Chi-man F.1F (Brown House).

Best Cheering Team Champion: Yellow House.