Movie inspired by life brings reward for young filmmaker

PUBLISHED : Saturday, 16 February, 2008, 12:00am
UPDATED : Saturday, 16 February, 2008, 12:00am

A media graduate, fresh from the City University of Hong Kong (CityU), has won an award for his movie The Backpacker which portrays a young man's quest for the meaning of life.

Ryan Chan Hon-yan graduated from CityU's School of Creative Media last year. He was one of the 12 Outstanding Award recipients at the 4th Future Vision-Asian International Youth Film Festival.

The festival, which was started in 2004, is aimed at nurturing movie-making talent in Asia and promoting the exchange of ideas among young people who have an interest in movies.

The festival was held in Beijing last October. Organisers rewarded 12 budding filmmakers from South Korea, Japan, mainland China and Hong Kong for their imaginative works.

Being the only winner from Hong Kong, Chan was very proud of his achievement.

'I have always been interested in film production. The training I got from school further deepened my interest in the field. The recognition I got at the festival is a great encouragement to me,' he said.

The film he directed portrays a listless graduate who wants to pursue the meaning of life. The Backpacker was inspired by Chan's daily life and the experiences of his friends.

'As young, fresh graduates, we often feel lost among the hustle and bustle of city life. The protagonist [main character] in the film shares the same worries and anxiety as us,' said Chan. 'Determined to find his meaning in life, the young man decides to leave Hong Kong and embarks on a solo journey to explore the world around him.

'His adventurous plan is hindered by a small mishap. Having lost his identity card and passport, he is forced to stay in Hong Kong. However, the small misfortune is a blessing in disguise as he finds out at the end of the film that there are many precious people and things that he has missed in Hong Kong,' said Chan.

With young people being so eager to try out new things, the up-and-coming director hoped his film would inspire young people to cherish the things around them more.

'Life is full of surprises and wonders,' he said. 'We should pay attention to all the small details in life and treasure the people around us.'


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