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PUBLISHED : Monday, 18 February, 2008, 12:00am
UPDATED : Monday, 18 February, 2008, 12:00am

Word power

Match the words with their meanings on the right

1. defects

2. impairment

3. predisposition

4. subverts

5. trauma

a. destroys something's power or influence

b. the chance to suffer from a disease or illness

c. faults or imperfections

d. a condition which prevents someone's eyes, ears, or brain from working properly

e. a very severe shock or upsetting experience

Please fill in the blanks with the words you have learned in correct form.

6. The militant leader was accused of staging a coup in an attempt to _______________ the state government.

7. The horrible plane crash was due to minor mechanical_______________ according to the investigation.

8. My family has a genetic ________________ to lung cancer.

9. The _______________ of getting severely injured in a car accident last year still haunts him.

10. She was born with hearing _______________ and has to a hearing aid.


1. What is the primary purpose of embryonic screening?

a. To allow parents to select the specific sex of their baby

b. To prevent a baby from being born from deaf

c. To prevent a baby from being born from serious and incurable illness

2. What is the argument in support of embryonic screening?

a. It allows parents to create a baby of their choice

b. It opens up the prospect of treating genetic diseases, some of which were previously incurable

c. It can create babies with disabilities

3. What is true about pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD)?

a. The technology is still at research stage and not applicable

b. It involves screening defective genes in fertilised embryos

c. It can only be used to detect any of 200 genetic disorders and chromosomal abnormalities

Think about it

1. What do you think about embryonic screening?

2. Do you think parents should screen out embryos that might develop illnesses? Why?

3. Do you support genetic engineering? Why?


Word Power: 1. c, 2. d, 3. b, 4. a, 5. e, 6. subvert, 7. defects, 8. predisposition, 9. trauma, 10. impairment

Comprehension: 1. c, 2. b, 3. b