PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 19 February, 2008, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 19 February, 2008, 12:00am

Is the sex education curriculum outdated?

It is definitely outdated. Although we are half-Oriental and half-western, Hong Kong people are less open-minded than foreigners. We still consider sex a taboo. Many people are reluctant to discuss sex topics and teachers feel uncomfortable while teaching sex education.

As the complexity of our city has increased a lot over the decades, material used in sex education should be amended.

The materials used in sex education are not detailed enough. Various textbooks use the same diagrams to explain the biological structure of sex organs. What the pupils are having is biology lessons, not sex lessons.

Finland, whose sex education is the best in Europe, gives the most detailed descriptions and explanation in sex lessons, and the rate of teenage pregnancies is the lowest in Europe. Three-dimensional diagrams and models should be included in the sex curriculum in secondary schools.

Also, contraceptive methods are not well taught in secondary schools. The idea of safe sex and birth control should be delivered to secondary-school students so that they will have sex safely and correctly. Nowadays people are more ready to have sex at an early age. There is an urgent need to teach students the concept of safe sex. By doing so, the problem of teenage pregnancy and sex-related diseases can be reduced.

But many high-school students are still discussing old topics such as 'Do you think having sex before marriage is correct?' and 'Does having sex really mean love?' They should discuss practical situations, for instance, 'how to reject your boyfriend if he wants to have sex with you' and 'what else you should do if you are excited'. This would help teenagers to solve many sex problems positively.

Having sex at an early age is not an evil. Even though sex education may give rise to youngsters having sex at an early age, the problems of teenage pregnancy and sex-related diseases are more important. I hope the curriculum can be modified to spread the idea of safe sex.

Kim Yip, Kwun Tong

Does the city have sufficient facilities for dogs?

With almost 200,000 dogs, the city's facilities for dogs are far less than adequate. It is sad to see that there are only seven parks that allow dogs. What's more disappointing is that six of these only permit partial entry for dogs.

How can a 200,000-dog army be packed into such a small space? It is inhuman to deprive our dogs of outdoor exercise. However, due to the inadequacy of Hong Kong's dog facilities, dog owners face a dilemma of whether to pay for outdoor exercise at pet clubs or keep them at home.

They can walk dogs on the street, but the concrete surface, which is hard and hot in summer, is not comfortable for dogs, not to mention the insufficient waste-disposal facilities. Compared with streets, parks are much better. The green cover lowers surface temperature and the car-free environment is safe for dogs.

Fortunately, society has noticed the problem. The establishment of Wan Chai Dog Park shows public approval towards the need for dog facilities in the city. Nevertheless, following its possible closure after two to three years, the city may take a step backwards.

To make the city a paradise for both citizens and dogs, it is crucial for the government to recognise there is a lack of dog facilities and to take action.

Angie Fong, Lam Tin

What do you think of the nude photos scandal?

What celebrities do is their own businesses - including with whom they have sex. However, this is only true if it is done privately.

The nude photos have shocked the city and will probably distort young people's perception of sex if parents are not handling it well.

Celebrities, you have the right to take and possess your nude photos, but please take them carefully and don't let them leak out. The artists involved should be blamed - not because of any indecent act but because of the moral impact brought to society.

On the other hand, it is ridiculous that parents on the one hand search for and pass on those photos, yet on the other hand forbid access to their children. It is better for parents to discuss the matter openly with children, to train their critical thinking and to give them true values.

Ho Long-sang, Kwun Tong

What do you think of police handling of the nude-photos scandal?

Over the past few weeks the police have done a lot to find the source of the nude photos.

Although some people were arrested, more and more photos are being spread on the internet.

Many have cast doubt on the abilities of the police. However, I think the police have put their best foot forward to address the problem.

The internet is unpredictable and it is not easy for the police to solve such problems.

Photos can be spread quickly on the internet and this makes the search more difficult. Moreover, the growth of technology is so rapid that not every internet-related crime can be solved easily. Therefore, the police should not be blamed.

But the police should improve communication with the Obscene Articles Tribunal. Because of the lack of communication, a lot of mistakes have been made in the arrests of suspects and this has led to a public outcry.

Many people have accused the police of wasting public money. However, we should realise that what police have done is to try to stop the public being exposed to obscene materials, as well as lessening the impact of such material on teenagers.

Yuki Tsang, Kowloon

Is there a double standard in the treatment of Hong Kong's 'important' people compared to the rest of us mere mortals? Yes. Does anyone think if someone digitally placed my head on to a picture of a naked body that the police would raise even a finger to investigate? No, they would do little or nothing.

Yet a few 'famous' people have their likenesses or images abused and the police trip over each other to find and punish the perpetrators. I am not sure what the local stars are upset about. Google any famous person on the internet and I am sure you will find many doctored pictures.

I think the government's reaction is overkill for a minor problem. These stars need to get a grip on reality and just deal with it ... that is the price of fame.

Craig Gibson, Sha Tin