PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 20 February, 2008, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 20 February, 2008, 12:00am

Arsenal show the way to the top

Nowadays, many people think that money is the most important thing in the world.

If you are rich, you can do anything you want, they say.

Undoubtedly, money can be useful, but it cannot buy success.

For example, Manchester United, Liverpool and Chelsea are very wealthy football clubs in England. They have spent millions of dollars to buy new players.

But it is Arsenal who are sitting atop the Barclays Premier League now. The Londoners depend a lot on their younger players. They don't have too many stars.

Why are Arsenal the surprise league leaders? Because they have plenty of heart and never give up.

They work very hard and always strive to provide spectacular football.

They have also demonstrated that football is not all about money.

Although money is important, it does not automatically bring success.

Ben Chan Chun-kui, Kwun Tong Kung Lok Government Secondary School

Good results help repay parental love

A family usually comprises a father, a mother and their children. There are also many single-parent families in Hong Kong.

Whatever the makeup, a family should be full of love and understanding.

Although my parents are not rich, they are very good to me and we love each other very much.

I want to thank my mother and father for taking care of me.

I will show my gratitude by working harder and getting good results in exams.

Mum, dad, I love you!

Lee Yik-yin, The Chinese Foundation Secondary School

Ensure children's safety at home

Local newspapers carry many reports about accidents involving children.

It seems that some parents are not doing their best to minimise the number of accidents that happen to children at home.

These mishaps mainly involve children under the age of 15. Some babies have fallen from their cribs, while children have fallen out from windows that are not locked properly.

I'm really disappointed that the number of home injuries involving children is increasing.

I believe that most incidents can be prevented if the parents look after their children carefully. They should make sure that bunk beds and cribs are safe. And children should be taught not to climb out of windows.

Home accidents can be avoided if parents spend a little more time making sure their children are safe. Only the parents can help change this situation.

Wong Ka-ki, Our Lady of the Rosary College

Need to boost Putonghua skills

I think Chinese language should be taught in Putonghua. As Chinese, we should speak the language fluently.

China has many global trading partners so Putonghua is becoming more popular around the world, including in Britain and France.

Many of my friends from different schools learned Putonghua in kindergarten or primary section.

I think it is not difficult to implement this policy.

The government may need to spend more money to train Putonghua teachers and to boost language-learning facilities.

We need to improve our Putonghua skills to make best use of the opportunities across the border. Hence, I support the use of Putonghua to teach Chinese language.

Kelly Lau Hiu-fung, Our Lady of the Rosary College

Love brings warmth during winter

People like having hot-pot dinner with their friends or relatives in winter.

There's plenty of warmth as they sit around a table and eat their food.

Chatting and laughing, they forget about the cold weather and enjoy their get-together.

Before going to school, my mum always reminds me to wear warm clothes. While I'm doing my revision or homework, she gives me a bowl of soup.

I heard that the government provides shelters for street sleepers during cold weather.

Many elderly people feel dizzy when the temperature drops drastically so volunteers go to their homes and look after them. The frail inmates receive biscuits and towels from the visitors.

I think winter is not too cold because of the love that surrounds us.


Grab every chance to learn English

I really enjoy writing articles to newspapers. This is a good way to practise my English.

I will compare the edited version with my original piece to see what mistakes I have made and improve my writing skills.

Although I am very busy, I send at least one article to newspapers every month.

Our school has a special policy which rewards students whose articles have been published.

They receive book coupons as encouragement to continue their good work.

My parents are not rich, so I rarely buy books.

Therefore, the school's incentive scheme offers a golden opportunity to increase my collection.

However, coupons are not the only reason why I send my articles to newspapers.

Writing is a great way to express my opinions.

I also join competitions, helping to enhance my English knowledge.

I hope you will devise your own methods to get top grades in the language.

Lee Yan-tim, Christian Alliance S.C. Chan Memorial College