PUBLISHED : Friday, 22 February, 2008, 12:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 22 February, 2008, 12:00am

Question 1

Molly's athletics meeting

Molly enjoys athletics and last Saturday she attended her first university athletics practice session. She is talking to Milo about how things went. Listen to their conversation and then fill in the gaps in the fact sheet about how Molly did.

Question 2

A fitness survey

Paul is doing a fitness survey for school. He has to interview four people about their physical fitness. Jane, a college student who lives next door, is the third on Paul's list. Listen to their conversation.

Name: Jane Smith

Age: 19

1 How far do you walk on average every day?

a) under one kilometre

b) over two kilometres

c) between one and three kilometres

2 Do you regularly do sport / physical exercise at weekends / during holidays?

a) frequently

b) never

c) from time to time

3 How many hours a week do you do sport / physical exercise at college / school?

a) between one and two hours

b) between two and three hours

c) over two hours

4 How many times a week do you do sport / physical exercise until you feel tired?

a) twice or more

b) never

c) at least once

5 Do you take the stairs and not the lift when this is practical?

a) always

b) frequently

c) sometimes

6 What is your preferred sport and how often do you do it?

Sport: ___________________________________

a) every day

b) infrequently

c) once a week

Question 3

My favourite sport

Listen to George talking about his favourite sport and then answer the questions.

Are these statements about snooker true or false?

1. Snooker is played on a court like tennis. True_______ False ______

2. A snooker table is square. True_______ False ______

3. Baize is the green cloth that covers a snooker table. True_______ False ______

4. Snooker uses 16 red balls. True_______ False ______

5. All together, there are balls of 8 different colours on a snooker table at the start of a match. True_______ False ______

6. In a game of snooker, each ball is worth two points. True_______ False ______

7. A snooker player uses the white ball to pot the other balls into pockets around the table. True_______ False ______

8. At the start of a snooker match, the red balls are put on the table in a circle. True_______ False ______


Question 1:

100 metres / 2nd / 14.7 secs

200 metres / 4th / 33.8 secs

400 metres / 5th / 1 min 20 secs

100m hurdles / 5th / 21 secs

400m hurdles / -- / --

Question 2:

1c / 2c / 3b / 4b / 5c / 6 swimming b

Question 3:

1F / 2F / 3F / 4F / 5T / 6F / 7T / 8F