Quotes of The Week

PUBLISHED : Saturday, 23 February, 2008, 12:00am
UPDATED : Saturday, 23 February, 2008, 12:00am

Everyone is a hypocrite in Hong Kong because every guy wants to be Edison Chen.

Legislator Chim Pui-chung, commenting on singer-actor Edison Chen Koon-hei's public apology for the sex photo scandal involving various actresses and singers

I admit that most of the photos being circulated on the internet were taken by me ... I would like to apologise to all the ladies for any harm or hurt that they have been feeling.

Edison Chen, reading from a prepared statement

Hang Lung is family owned but professionally run. In fact, we don't have that many directors with 'Chan' as a surname.

Chan family-dominated Hang Lung Properties director Terry Ng Sze-yuen, making a snide comment about a reported family dispute among the Kwok brothers of rival Sun Hung Kai Properties which saw its chairman, Walter Kwok Ping-sheung, taking a leave of absence

Earth calling Mia. What planet are you on?

Philip Cunningham, media studies professor at Doshisha University, in Japan, criticising, in The New York Times, US actress and human rights activist Mia Farrow's campaign linking the Beijing Olympics to the slaughter in Darfur as being blind to the even greater humanitarian crisis created by the US occupation of Iraq