PUBLISHED : Saturday, 23 February, 2008, 12:00am
UPDATED : Saturday, 23 February, 2008, 12:00am

Li Po Chun still a fine institution despite discriminatory contracts

Thank you for bringing to the public's attention the way that our board has introduced contracts that discriminate on the grounds of sexual orientation ('Li Po Chun in same-sex marriage row', Education Post, February 16). The possibility that this may tarnish the reputation of this amazing educational institution, to which I have given many years of my life, does, however, sadden me.

Fortunately the peculiarities of board decisions rarely have any effect on the day-to-day life of the college and I have no doubt that attending a UWC (United World College) is the best pre-university preparation available for a bright young person - both of my daughters are UWC graduates.

The strength of the UWC movement is that, because of the unique system of student selection, it ensures students attending will have intelligent, stimulating, pro-active peers as well as a dedicated, professional teaching staff to mentor them.

There is also one aspect of the article that I would like to clarify, and that is with regard to communication with the LPCUWC board, the international board and UWC national committees, which has now been going on for over a year.

Almost all of this has been undertaken by the Faculty Consultative Committee (FCC - elected representatives of the staff who meet with the board) on behalf of all the staff.

I would like to pay tribute to all my colleagues, but especially the FCC representatives during the crucial period, for the many hours they spent drafting numerous versions of these letters so that they best represented staff opinion. They also took a great deal of time and trouble to consult other bodies around Hong Kong, such as the Council on Professional Conduct in Education and the Hong Kong Professional Teachers' Union, and arrange meetings with them to solicit their helpful advice.

I would therefore say to any prospective parent, do not hesitate to send your son or daughter to attend Li Po Chun UWC - they will enjoy two stimulating years.

If, however, you sympathise with my stand, you may also wish to write to the board to that effect!

JOHN GREEN, director of studies, Li Po Chun United World College, Sha Tin

Home tutors' licensing needed to bar molesters

The news in the South China Morning Post on February 21 that a convicted serial sexual predator was able to again set up shop as a home tutor must alarm every parent and teacher. This man had recently spent a long time in prison for molesting young girls during supposed 'tutorials'. Now he has repeated that method of luring his victims to his flat, and is charged with a further nine counts of indecent assault against children.

It is clear that home tutors should be fully licensed. Someone like him should be banned for life from ever getting such a licence, to protect our children from his nasty predations. This criminal has already been convicted three times for other sexual assaults against children.

Whatever was done with him in prison was clearly not enough to deter him from continuing to ruin more young lives in this shocking way. Perhaps this time a humane castration can be the remedy to the danger he continues to pose to our children?


Message on safe sex not coming over in the class

I am responding to the topic: 'Is the sex education curriculum outdated?' Hong Kong is a flourishing city where young people can receive a good quality of education - nine years tuition-free.

However, there is too much of an emphasis on students' academic and public exam results rather than actual knowledge acquisition. Therefore, some subjects, such as sex education, might be taught in a superficial way so that the real message of safe sex may be lost.

Additionally, a spoiled younger generation may be influenced by western countries that are too individualistic, whose education systems may lead them to be very self centred.

They are lacking in the thoughtfulness to pre-plan or care for their partners when making decisions. This may be one of the reasons why so many cases of pregnant teens are being reported, as well as a lot of infants being dumped in corridors of public estates or public toilets. In my opinion, it is imperative to educate our children to encourage them to build up a sense of responsibility and self-discipline.


Pupils learning facts of life in improper ways

The sex education curriculum is no longer practical for adolescents. The content is really boring. It can't engage their attention to learn about sex. On the contrary, curiosity drives them to look for answers through improper ways.

The curriculum fails to give them a positive attitude towards sexuality.

The main reason is that teenagers are bombarded with information which may be misleading. Sex education should be improved so that it can correct teenagers' perceptions.

WALTER LI, Ngau Tau Kok