bomb squad

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 24 February, 2008, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 30 June, 2016, 5:26am

1 Which hitherto peaceful tourist destination suffered a bomb attack last September?

2 Which Australian Rules football team is nicknamed the Bombers?

3 During the winter war of 1939 to 1940, the Finns derisively named a petrol bomb after the Soviet foreign minister. What did they call it?

4 What was the name of the 1964 film, directed by Stanley Kubrick, subtitled or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb?

5 Guernica, the oil painting that commemorates Nazi Germany's 1937 bombing of the Spanish town of the same name, was produced by which artist?

6 What was the name of the US band that gave us the hits Love Shack and Roam?

7 What was the name of the B-29 aircraft that dropped Little Boy (left), the first atom bomb ever used as a weapon?

8 About which English town was John Betjeman writing in the 1937 poem that begins: 'Come friendly bombs and fall on ...'?

9 In 2001, 'shoe-bomber' Richard Reid attempted to blow up an aircraft belonging to which airline?

10 What were Gerboise Bleue, Gerboise Blanche and Gerboise Rouge?

Solution: 1 The Maldives 2 Essendon 3 The Molotov cocktail 4 Dr Strangelove 5 Pablo Picasso 6 The B-52s 7 Enola Gay 8 Slough 9 American Airlines 10 The first atomic bombs tested by France.