Xinhua News Agency

Don't be so rude, dive diva Guo told

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 26 February, 2008, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 26 February, 2008, 12:00am

Mainland media yesterday lashed out at pin-up diving star Guo Jingjing for her 'arrogant' behaviour at the World Cup test event.

Xinhua ran a commentary criticising the two-time Olympic champion for what it said was her offensive manner, claiming she was rude to tournament volunteers and showed 'explicit disrespect' towards the media.

'This so-called superstar was making phone calls on the podium in front of a floor of keenly waiting journalists at a post-competition press conference, disregarding even the least form of etiquette,' the article said.

'Then when she eventually began to take the questions, her replies sounded more like grumbling than serious answers. It simply stunned everyone.'

Guo came second to teammate Wu Minxia in the three-metre board competition but showed little interest during the press conference.

Xinhua also quoted unidentified volunteers at the Water Cube who claimed Guo treated them in 'an ill manner', refusing their request for her to stay longer after her competition to to answer journalists' inquiries. 'She always dodged questions. Then we advised her to spare a little more time for the press, but she replied 'I won't stay unless you are ready to be held accountable for me being late for the shuttle bus',' a volunteer told Xinhua.

Guo has wooed the public with her glamorous looks and gold medals, but has never won the heart of the media with her prissy manner.

'Some of our celebrity athletes might have a glorious career, but that doesn't justify their lack of etiquette,' said Xinhua