Two sides of a debate

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 28 February, 2008, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 28 February, 2008, 12:00am

Paper 1a

Read the arguments about both sides of an issue and show you understand them by (i) completing cloze summaries of the first two paragraphs, and (ii) by choosing the correct phrases to complete the last two.

A. Children must learn to control themselves. No one likes a person who has no discipline but only does whatever he or she wants. For the child's own good this lesson must be learnt early on. Giving a child a light smack when it goes on misbehaving after being told to stop is an effective way of doing this. Learning that punishment follows bad behaviour is a necessary part of growing up. A busy parent cannot spend time reasoning with an angry child. It needs a slight shock. A short slight pain does no long-term harm but teaches a useful lesson.

Fill in the blanks to complete this summary of the paragraph above. One important part of

1) _______________________________ up is learning to control 2) ___________________________. Everyone must understand that bad 3) __________________ is 4) ______________________________ by punishment. One 5) ___________________________ way of teaching this is to use a light 6) _____________________. One does not always have 7) ________________________ to reason with a naughty child. A smack causes no 8) _______________________________, but gives the child a 9) _______________________________ and teaches a useful lesson.

B. When we smack a child, the child certainly understands we are upset but does not always know why. In other words, we are not teaching that naughtiness leads to punishment, but that upset people can hit others. Physical pain may cause anger and a wish to behave even more badly. To avoid it the child learns to hide its thoughts, be secretive and tell lies. It is far better for parents to talk to children and explain why some actions cannot be allowed. That is true development.

Fill in the blanks to complete this summary of the paragraph above.

The paragraph offers a number of arguments 1) _______________________________ using physical punishment on children. First, it is not educational 2) _______________________________the child does not learn exactly what it is doing wrong and 3) _______________________________ indeed it is wrong. Second, it teaches the child that we can 4) _______________________________ others when we 5) _______________________________ emotional and angry. Third, physical punishment may 6) _______________________________ even more bad behaviour. Fourth, it will teach the child to be cunning, secretive and 7) _____________________.

C. If teachers know their students are going to assess them, 1) ___________________________. This means that they will not be strict with their students, 2)___________________________, and may even give them good marks when their work is below standard. Students may like this, but it may not be good for them. Strict teachers help prepare young people 3) ______________________________. A little pain in school can bring 4) _______________________________ on in life. Teachers should feel they should do what is good for students, 5) _______________________________. Some teachers, wanting a positive assessment, may give students gifts and try to entertain them rather than teach them. The whole teacher-student relationship 6) _______________________________.

Choose the correct phrases to fill the blanks.

a) nor tell them off when their work is late

b) great gains later

c) not what will please them

d) the next time

e) for the real world

f) will be damaged

g) despite their fear of them

h) they will feel the need to be popular

D. No one knows better 1) __________________what a teacher is like. They know from daily experience which teachers explain things effectively, 2) _______________________, treat students politely and take their professional duties seriously. Teenagers may not be fully mature and 3) ___________________________ about things, but no one is suggesting that a teacher be assessed only by student questionnaires. They are just one valuable part of 4) __________________. If they are well-designed, students won't just say whether they like a teacher or not, but be able to separate teaching 5) _______________________. Students like friendly teachers, but they also like to pass exams. The experience of being asked their opinion will also be a very educational one 6) _______________________and should in consequence be formed carefully.

Choose the correct phrases to fill the blanks.

a) for this purpose

b) and make the students feel their opinions are of some importance

c) the process of assessment

d) effectiveness and popularity

e) maintain order in the classroom

f) than the students

g) instead of paying attention to their words

h) may at times be emotional


Page 8:

A: growing/ oneself/ behaviour/ followed/ effective/ smack/ time/ harm/ shock

B: against/ because, since, as/ why/ hit/ feel, are/ encourage, cause/ dishonest, untruthful

C: 1. h/ 2. a/ 3. e/ 4. b/ 5. c/ 6. f

D: 1. f/ 2. e/ 3. h/ 4. c/ 5. d/ 6. b