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PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 05 March, 2008, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 05 March, 2008, 12:00am

Professor pans censors for letting 'wrong ideas' slip in

A Chinese Academy of Social Sciences vice-president has lashed out at movie censors for failing to vet films such as Lust, Caution which gave 'wrong ideas' to Chinese youth. Professor Zhu Jiamu , who was once secretary to party elder Chen Yun , said censors who gave a pass to the Ang Lee movie had failed in their duties. 'Only people who can't tell right from wrong would allow such a lowly piece of vulgarity into the Chinese market,' Professor Zhu said on the sidelines of the CPPCC meeting. 'It'd breed wrong historical ideas among young people.' He said he was considering submitting a bill calling for greater scrutiny of foreign cultural imports. Ting Shi

Shenzhen media gets thanks from former party chief

Former Shenzhen party secretary Li Hongzhong thanked the Shenzhen media yesterday for support during his time in the special economic zone. 'I was in a hurry when I left Shenzhen and had no opportunity to bid farewell to you all,' said Mr Li, who was appointed deputy party chief of Hubei province in December. Speaking before attending the preparatory meeting of NPC deputies, Mr Li sidestepped questions about the further integration of Hong Kong and Shenzhen, saying 'I'm now working in Hubei'. Gary Cheung

Prevention key to a stronger health system, says expert

The mainland's coming health-care reforms should emphasise preventing disease and strengthening the public health system, and supporting the development of grass-roots communities and rural areas, leading medical expert Zhong Nanshan suggested. The NPC deputy, a director of the Guangzhou Institute of Respiratory Diseases, also told Xinhua that he believed 200 billion yuan (HK$219.4 billion) would have to be spent expanding grass-roots medical services. Klaudia Lee

Potential vice-premier vows never to forget his 5 years in Guangdong

Although it has been three months since Zhang Dejiang was replaced by Wang Yang as Guangdong party chief, Mr Zhang said he would never forget Guangdong, a place where he had worked and learned for five years. 'I worked for the Guangdong people in the past, and I will continue doing so in the future,' Mr Zhang told NPC and CPPCC delegates from the province at their group meeting after the opening of the CPPCC session in Beijing on Monday. The Southern Metropolis News reported that Mr Zhang, who is expected to become a vice-premier, was invited to attend the delegates' meeting by Mr Wang when they sat together at the opening ceremony. Klaudia Lee

Pearl River water a top issue

The water quality of the Pearl River emerged as one of the top concerns of Politburo Standing Committee member Li Changchun in a meeting with Guangdong provincial delegates on Monday. 'Zhujiang [Pearl River] should meet its goal of [being safe for] swimming every day as soon as possible,' The Southern Metropolis News quoted Mr Li as saying. The river has long suffered from water pollution because of heavy industrialisation and rapid economic development. Klaudia Lee