What's your top romantic movie?

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 06 March, 2008, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 06 March, 2008, 12:00am

Sonam Shahani, 15

Top tunes: Pop

It's Titanic, because it could be the greatest love story of all time, plus everyone is obsessed with Leonardo DiCaprio. I don't think romantic and war films should mix together - like Pearl Harbour - which I hated. My favourite movies are romantic comedies, usually because they have a cute actor. The last romantic comedy I saw was the Heartbreak Kid, and I really want to see PS I Love You.

Jonathan Wade, 15

Top tunes: Rock, R&B

My favourite romantic movie is Notebook, cheesy as it is. I don't really like watching romantic comedies, unless I go with my girlfriend. Then it becomes a lot more interesting! Usually we go whenever a new movie comes out, but I wouldn't say they are my favourite type of movie. I enjoy them when I'm with her. I don't particularly want to see PS I Love You, but my girlfriend will probably make me go anyway!

Romy Rose, 15

Top tunes: Punk rock, pop

I love romantic movies and my favourite is Notebook. It's touching, and although it's a bit sad, it did reveal that behind great love is a great story. I've watched many romantic comedies and I like the plot of Notebook the most. I'm going to watch PS I Love You as many people have recommended this movie. If it is good, I'll read the book as well.

Chan On-yee, 22

Top tunes: Rock, pop

I'm not very keen on romantic movies unless I go with my friends. I don't have a favourite film, but I think Enchanted is good if it counts as a romantic movie. Recently, I watched PS I Love You but I didn't like it. I seldom watch local romantic movies because I don't like the plots and the actors. I usually wouldn't pay to watch them. I'll only watch them when they are shown on TV.

Angela Tang, 22

Top tunes: Pop

I think the all-time classic romantic movie is Grease. I love musicals, and Grease was even better because of the love story and the songs. I like romantic movies not because of the actors but because of the charming story lines and I love a good cry! I also enjoy romantic comedies, and the last one I saw was Knocked Up, but my favourite genre is horror.