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PUBLISHED : Sunday, 16 March, 2008, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 16 March, 2008, 12:00am

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Name Nora Franziska Perlaky

Age 16

City Eisenstadt

Star sign Taurus

I live in a small town with 14,000 inhabitants. We're surrounded by countryside and a lot of woods. The town centre is quite small, but we have a cinema, a lot of coffee houses and a small shopping mall.

I'm in a sport-orientated class at school, so I have three different sport lessons. I also have to study English, maths, German, religion, art, music, geography, biology, IT and Spanish.

Lessons involve a lot of conversation between teacher and pupil. School can be very stressful though, because of all the tests, projects and homework. I spend two to three hours on homework; more when I have to study for a test, too.

My mother tongue is German. I've been learning English for five years, so my English is quite good. My Spanish is poor, because I've been studying for only one year. I studied Latin for two years, but I can't speak it, because it's a dead language.

In my free time I do a lot of sport, like volleyball or running. I like reading, chatting online and spending time outdoors.

The best thing about Austria is the landscape. We have great mountains which are amazing all year round. Austria is great for hiking, when you can really experience nature.

I love music my favourite genres are drum'n'bass, electronica and hip hop, but I also like alternative, rock and pop. I like comedies and can't stand horror films, because they scare me - I get frightened easily.

I really enjoy family celebrations. I love to play with my younger cousins. During the summer, my family and I often spend two weeks in another country, like Italy or Spain. The rest of the time I stay at home with friends.

My parents like to travel and spend as much of their free time exploring other countries as possible. I'm lucky to have been to a lot of European countries, such as Germany, Italy, Croatia, Greece, Hungary and Spain. But I've also been to Indonesia and Hong Kong before.

I don't have an idol. The closest thing I have is my big brother. He always did really well at school and I'm impressed by his strong character. He came to Hong Kong on exchange, so I followed his footsteps and joined the AFS exchange programme this year.

I'm a good listener and very ambitious. I always try my best, and when I start something I'll finish it. I can also be bossy and very stubborn. I guess I'm reliable and responsible.

The most important festival in Austria is Christmas. On Christmas Eve, my whole family celebrates at my grandmother's place. We have a huge Christmas tree, sing songs and have a big dinner. Meeting and eating lasts for three days.