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PUBLISHED : Monday, 17 March, 2008, 12:00am
UPDATED : Monday, 17 March, 2008, 12:00am

Choose the correct answers

1 A bazaar is:

a a Persian word meaning a street of shops

b an Arabic word meaning a covered area

c a Turkish word meaning price negotiation

2 Consumerism is:

a an association of consumers

b another word for shopkeeper or merchant

c the equating of happiness with consumption

3 Peer pressure is:

a when your parents tell you to save

b when your sister or brother keep nagging you to buy them a present

c when your friends push you to buy something

Choose the correct answers

Wise shopping

Here is your sensible shopping check list:

Reason for shopping: list the items/services you usually spend your money on and the reasons for buying them

Alternative: for each item, find another similar but cheaper option

Check the price: whatever you buy, check the price on the internet or other shops. Check the quality of the product: make sure it is the one you want. Beware of bargains ... sometimes, you end up spending more on replacing poor-quality products.

Save first: keep some money aside as soon as you get some. Never take all your cash with you when you go shopping.

List: write shopping lists and follow them. Ask for receipts and follow all the transactions by categorising them ('leisure', 'outing', 'food', 'presents', 'phone' ...)

Budget: allocate your money in a budget and follow it!

Here are a few activities you can research on this week's topic:

1 Do you use all that you buy? Check what you have bought over the past two months and put aside all the items you don't really use. Try to find out how much they are worth. How much could you have saved if you had not bought them? What else could you have done with the money?

2 Find an alternative leisure activity which doesn't imply spending money or accumulating things. Shopping malls are not the only places to have fun!

3 Don't ask for more money if you run out in the middle of the month. Get only a weekly or monthly allowance; this will help you live on a monthly salary when you start working.


1. a, 2. c, 3. c