Eating smart the key to keeping waist in check

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 18 March, 2008, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 18 March, 2008, 12:00am

It is still possible to shed weight even when dining out every day, says former home affairs chief Shelley Lee Lai-kuen, who lost 6.5kg just by eating smart.

Ms Lee's case was highlighted yesterday by Chinese University's Centre of Nutritional Studies. Ms Lee visited the centre last August. She then weighed 57.1kg and had a body-fat ratio of 36.9 per cent.

Mandy Man Mei-sea, manager and principal nutritionist of the centre, said Ms Lee's main problem was she had to attend too many parties and eat out.

'We had to offer her tips at banquets and parties,' Dr Man said. 'No chicken skin, fish skin, or fried vegetables at Chinese banquets, and no dessert or fried dishes at cocktail parties. Also, focus on conversations instead of eating.' By following this advice, cutting back on meals out and walking regularly, Ms Lee got her weight to 50.6kg after 41/2 months.

Tang Yiu-Cheong, who is now 19, gained more than 15kg in a year after he graduated from secondary school and began work as a toy salesman. He weighed 78.3kg when he went to the centre in December and is now 63.8kg.

'I was working from 3pm to 10pm back then,' Mr Tang said. 'I usually woke up at 11am and cooked instant noodles with bacon, eggs and all the food I liked. I gained a belly.'

Accountant Ken Chan Chi-keung, 32, lost 32kg - from 115.8kg to 83.7kg - in five months. His weight had ballooned when he moved to Shanghai and started to eat out for almost all meals.