Stanley Ho

Fashionable Faye Ho would rather saddle up than dress up

PUBLISHED : Monday, 24 March, 2008, 12:00am
UPDATED : Monday, 24 March, 2008, 12:00am

Tired of seeing the same people all the time? Entertainment reporters certainly are. That's why when a relatively new Eurasian face arrived to sit in the front row of last Wednesday's Yves Saint Laurent fashion show at the Four Seasons Hotel, the tabloid pack perked up to wonder who the tall stunner was. Well, astute reporters with an in-depth knowledge of the moneyed families of Hong Kong (and Macau) quickly informed everyone it was Faye Ho Ka-wah, granddaughter of casino magnate Stanley Ho Hung-sun from his first wife's late son Robert Ho Yau-kwong.

It seems Faye Ho is a good friend of Gucci Group's (which manages YSL) Asian director Mimi Tang. 'I reside in Macau and my family is living there,' says Ho (pictured with Tang). Ho is a keen equestrian and animal lover. 'My favourite hobby is horseback riding and for that reason I've come more often to Hong Kong this year to participate in horseback riding practice.'

However, don't expect her to be one of those fashionistas whose life revolves around buying every season's entire collection and showing up at functions to have her picture taken. She'd rather saddle up than dress up. 'Lately I feel a little sad to have to leave my children in Macau when I come to Hong Kong to enjoy my hobby. The schools are still open there as usual. Macau is doing better this flu season.'