Top trends

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 27 March, 2008, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 27 March, 2008, 12:00am

Go with the flow and make bold, colourful statements

Colours and textures Trends see interiors going bold, according to G.O.D founder Douglas Young. Profuse use of patterns, sharp metallic colours such as gold, bronze and silver, and lush, tactile textures are the rage. 'Witness the popularity of Basazza mosaic tiles and wallpaper with rococo patterns,' Mr Young said. He said the world's fascination with China had also led to many new offerings on traditional eastern designs. 'By contrasting them with up-to-date western styles we offer an eclectic mix like no one else's,' Mr Young said.

Indigo Living said copper was the new metallic and it was gaining popularity in wall coverings, as well as with soft furnishings and accessories. Metallic leather, metallic prints and metallic yarns would be big hits with soft furnishings this year, Indigo said. Textures are big news and ripple effects, moldings and embossing will provide decorative effects.

Furniture is returning to classic styles. 'Comfort and functionality are becoming key deciding factors again. Designers are turning back to roots and tradition,' according to Indigo. Mr Young said filigree and lace design in furniture was also big this year, thanks to the influence of designers such as Dutchman Marcel Wanders. The recent increase in awareness of environmental issues had led to a surge in the development of products which were more eco-friendly, Indigo said. It said designers were rethinking their business ethics. 'It will not be long before fair-trade practices become prevalent in the furniture and textile manufacturing businesses, as it has in fashion and the cosmetics industry.'

Kitchens and bathrooms Open-plan kitchen designs are widely used and kitchen cabinets have become increasingly luxurious as a result. Kitchen aesthetics that blend with the home are key - linear, simple cabinets with concealed handles are a big trend; storage systems that make best use of space are also popular, and there is more demand for environmentally friendly and non-toxic materials. Bathroom furniture is clean and sleek - tap fittings concealed inside the lidded compartment of a bath, for example.